Wives who castrated husbands-

Archives RSS. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Kass, a Trib columnist and infrequent BUST Magazine contributor, has written an ode to the man chair —a home furnishing that seems to serve as some sort of Linus blanket for adult boys. He presents it in the context of advising his bro, a newlywed, on how to remain happy in his marriage, which provides fertile ground for a discussion on the war between the sexes. Yet so many women these days are making their men go to these wretched Beddy Bathy places—ostensibly due to a feminism b sadistic tendencies.

Wives who castrated husbands

Accessibility help. Castrateed isn't intuition a woman thing? Tens of thousands of Wuo protesters of all ages gathered in major cities and towns nationwide, with each hour bringing hundreds more people to the streets for the largest anti-government protests Innocent orgasms teen in four days of demonstrations. We pay for your stories! The Rolling Wives who castrated husbands writer and author of I Can't Breathe is answering for harassment he and Mark Ames bragged about in their memoir. More by Lauri Apple. Richardson told police Owens raped her - a man she had known for less than 12 hours - and in response she started attacking him.

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Reply 2. I want to be a more real person. Rising Stars. Adult males can get mumps and the resulting damage to the testicles can require they be removed. I finally went to my doctor who was alarmed at hearing my story. When he lost the first testicle he was very macho with me, I think to prove his masculinity. My wifes test is if I have Wivea erections I have too much T. Inhumanity 6. Comments 0 add a comment. Then one of his elbows hit my head, and I got dizzy; Wives who castrated husbands blurred a little, I think I was crying; I was still trying to kick at his shins, and I tried to Wives who castrated husbands him again, then I felt his forearm pound across my breasts.

Castration - the word alone sounds painful.

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  • During our first few months of marriage, Justin and I were annoyingly conventional.
  • I mentioned I was turned on and intrigued by the idea of being castrated.
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Archives RSS. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Kass, a Trib columnist and infrequent BUST Magazine contributor, has written an ode to the man chair —a home furnishing that seems to serve as some sort of Linus blanket for adult boys.

He presents it in the context of advising his bro, a newlywed, on how to remain happy in his marriage, which provides fertile ground for a discussion on the war between the sexes. Yet so many women these days are making their men go to these wretched Beddy Bathy places—ostensibly due to a feminism b sadistic tendencies. What is a "man chair"? Kass doesn't explain it, which suggests we are supposed to intuitively know these things. But isn't intuition a woman thing? Thankfully, the Urban Dictionary comes to the rescue with eight definitions submitted by volunteers with man-chair expertise, including this description: "the chair that men sit in while their partner is shopping for long periods of time.

A chair that is the only thing that can truly comfort and care for a man. Often an extremely comfortable recliner with foot rest. According to Kass, if a man doesn't fight for his right to own a man chair he might end up with nesting tables , a type of home furnishing that threatens masculinity. Robbed of their man chairs, men become like almost-girls, who almost-cry when reminded of the comfort and security they once knew.

One of Kass's friends says his wife made him give up his man chair because of the cats; he now has "haunted eyes. Apparently you only get one chance to own such a chair. As I've noted before, Kass is a champion of the American Manly Man , of men who have mustaches and muscle shirts and drink grape soda that they can spill all over their man chairs despite their wives' protestations.

They don't know the difference between a Tramontina frying pan and an Ecolution model, and they never want to, because why would you fry beef jerky anyhow?

The Manly Man's very existence is increasingly threatened by the creeping feminization of our culture, as noted by Kass and many other culture commentators. The " mancession " caused by the recession hasn't helped matters, with women coming close to surpassing men, at least quantitatively, in our work force. These trends are producing all manner of nefarious consequences, from the aforementioned almost-crying among husbands and boyfriends to increasing numbers of bear attacks.

Now this guy Randy Michaels —he probably has a man chair in his office. Showing 1- 14 of Add a comment. Switch to the mobile version of this page. The Chicago Reader. Comments Showing 1- 14 of 14 Add a comment. Subscribe to this thread:. By Email. With RSS. More by Lauri Apple. Agenda Teaser Tabbed Event Search All. Popular Stories Read. On the parallels between a Reader article and the movie Candyman.

By Steve Bogira The Rolling Stone writer and author of I Can't Breathe is answering for harassment he and Mark Ames bragged about in their memoir. By Aimee Levitt By Ben Joravsky By Mike Sula Can a movie ever be plagiarized By Pat Graham This chemical compound found in marijuana presents a tale of two extracts. By Lee V. Gaines Southern Illinois feels like a horror movie—and even more so under Trump, who pandered to rural areas for their votes.

By Ryan Smith Highlights from the filmography of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. By Drew Hunt

Re: Eunuch husbands Hallo, my hudband had testicular cancer, he lost the left testicle in to an agressive form that didn't respond to treatment. Shared by jonmormont - U Mod video eunuchmaker. Meet ' s Mistresses. Porn Site Reviews. Our relationship became, for a time, a prolonged struggle in which he attemped to re-assert himself as the dominant party — in response to which I inflicted further punishments upon him. For 20 years I have accepted his kinky requests, now he is no longer a man he should be a sensitive lover for me. It has been a relief but I am encouraging him to take testosterone replacement for the good of his health and to keep his sexuality.

Wives who castrated husbands

Wives who castrated husbands. Eunuch husbands

I went to the doctor and found out I have like 4x the amount of free testoterone that is normal which is causing my body to think I have too much testosterone. This has resulted in my body thinking my balls are overdoing it and has made my balls shrink noticeably as my body tries to reduce the amount of free testosterone on its own.

My wife stunned me by suggesting I get castrated. She said that since my body is eliminating them anyway and there is obviously something wrong with them that I don't need them and she would like to see me castrated.

I must admit that the idea is arousing to me. I think she is contemplating fucking other guys and knowing that I am entirely emasculated with a dick that doesn't work and no balls would make her more comfortable about doing it. Not necessarily. Eunuchs can't get it up but they can still use their tongue. So a lot of time they just become sex slaves, pleasuring the wife and being docile but not getting much pleasure themselves.

Well a sweet tasting pussy is a fine treat and sucking on nipples gives pleasure. The ball may or may not be gone and the cock may not work but a lot of joy can be had. Give her massages that have "happy endings" Let her have new girlfriends round for fun and games. Watching two sex hungry women fuck each other covered in strawberry trifle is a site to behold. These usually end up with me stripped naked on the table having a good spanking while pussy is held to my face.

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I rember thinking while it was happening. So did you wife enjoy you being fucked while you were not able to fuck her? Your would be pushed on her clit which might give pleasure. I have to admit that being without my balls is an intriguing thought. I had Colon Cancer a few years ago and due to Pelvic Radiation and Surgery, my balls are useless now, even though I still have them.

I am not able to get a satisfactory erection so I feel what's the sense of having balls and it is frustrating as hell. And yes, I have tried Testosterone. Anyone on here willing to help me with this?

It would be appreciated I am in California. So you are in the middle giving pleasure to wife by rubbing clit with your floppy cock and giving pleasure to your friend by having his prick in your ass. Sounds like you are in a good position. A friend of mine had prostate cancer, surgery and radiation. He qualified for a pump installed in his penis.

The information I got was he and wife enjoyed sex again. Some amateur "cutters" look for guys to castrate online. I ran into one in a chat room, and toyed with her to find out if she was real.

She said that with proper anesthetic, it's fairly painless, except once she opens the sac, it is very sensitive. That's the moment she enjoyed most, was making a man cum the hardest he's ever cum in his life, and then take the final step by removing his balls. She had surgical tools, anesthetic, and jars of formaldehyde, which she used to preserve the testes of the guys she had cut and collected. Frankly, she gave me the fucking creeps.

I had no intention of meeting her, and I sure as hell wasn't going to venture over to her place to find out if it was true. So she keeps the testes rather than leaving them with the new eunuch or partner? I guess that would be OK, but I think better to have balls on shelf at home. Of course castrated and brand above cock and on ass. So brand by cock or on ass would identify as slave or "property of"? Like cattle? Abuses my cock and balls, threatens to castrate me and tells me I am a useless sissy.

She fucks other guys in front of me and makes me clean them and her. She slaps my face, makes me walk around in just panties and invites friends over and I serve them drinks. I am totally humiliated. One of her friends pulled my panties down and looked at my tiny penis and said, you are female! That's a clit. She slapped them hard and pushed me away. I rarely get to cum. She wants me in horny pain. I never want to leave this girlfriend.

I know that some day she may castrate me and I will just have to accept that when it happens. Yes, I had "H" for "mistress Helen" branded on my ass. Brand by cock is a cross. Brand on ass is like cattle, property of Helen. Cross by cocl signifies it is her item, not mine. So how was it done, the branding I mean.

Cattle are tied or in a squeez chute so don't move up mess up brand. Just had to stand still and endure pain of red hot branding iron- actually a red hot wire bent to foot an "H" and another cross. So you really are like cattle, owned and branded to show who you belong to. If a male are you castrated - a steer? If a female bred to add to the herd? So comments are from males about being without balls or branded, any comments by women about their guy without balls and his replacement or her branding her property??

Notice how all the Trump cucks here love these stories. Fucking losers. Now she fucks her girlfriends and I get to watch. If she is not fucking you anymore but she is fucking her girlfriends I can tell you she is a lot happier fucking her girlfriends than she was when she was fucking you my wife ahs a girlfriend and she lives with us full time my wife is so happy now and no I don't fuck my wife or her girlfriend I was castrated years ago and love it. So do you have role such as prep and cleanup or just serve as sub.

None of this is real. Get a clue. He's been using testosterone replacement therapy, this causes everything to shrink. The clue here is that his frree levels have gone up as his parts are shrinking, just the opposite of what is normally the case.

I don't know about the castration but the branding is real for sure. I hear that. My ex told me she wants to cut my balls off too. I do understand the legality of what I am seeking. For the longest time, pot was illegal in the US but a lot of people smoked anyway. Just saying. Totally Naked Amateur Pussies Porn Site Reviews 5. Watchersweb Horny Bitches Free Sex Dump Homemade sex daily This is a place for women to share ideas and thoughts through pictures and clips of how they want or have already castrated their husbands.

To punish, or reduce screwing around, or to fem their husbands,,, Did I miss any reasons ladies? You know, sometimes it is for the best! This page requires Javascript, and Adobe Flash version You're seeing this message because you have Javascript disabled in your browser, or because your installed version of Flash does not meet our minimum requirements.

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Physically, castration is any type of surgical, chemical, or lacerating action that renders an individual unable to use their testicles. Metaphorically, though, castration takes away something deeper. It's the emasculation of a man's identity; a

Wives who castrated husbands

Wives who castrated husbands