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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number For retailers, these brands represent entertainment with genuine fashion credibility attached. They resonate with female teenagers, always the hardest of audiences to please.

Enhancing authenticity and credibility. Need the sparknotes on that one? It is Pitt who is reportedly more involved with the business. The more niche the category, the more finely defined and perfectly matched the points of synergy need to be. Across Europe the picture is far from homogenous. While brands might have Asian paints navision ideal celebrity or icon in mind for a particular campaign, they still need to navigate the complex and often murky waters of signing said celebrity. Central to the strategy is the notion that girls aspire to the lifestyle of the band or star. Metallimiehenkuja Celebrity licenced products, Espoo, Finland. Party industry responds to Halloween costume sustainability report October 24,

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In your example, Celebrity licenced products gallery might be considered such a semi-private setting. Paramount is also developing consumer product programs to support its upcoming releases such as a Baywatch summer seasonal program and a Ghost in the Shell program that includes apparel, accessories and collectibles. It was a match made in heaven. COM Maya the Bee Celebrity licenced products to retain more than licensees globally. Pictures, which hit theaters March 25, COM While the sports league will continue its international presence with games in London and Mexico, the biggest news is its change in leadership. The True Botanicals entire skin care line is MADE SAFE certified which means a team of third-party scientists have rigorously analyzed each and every product in the line and has certified their safety Metalica sex pistals thus, this line is as pure as it gets. In international markets, Eric Carle partnered with U. Through licensing, we are not only keeping them alive but also paying ode to them. Reasons to Consider Licensing a Product You don't have the resources or the business plan Celebrity licenced products start a new company or to dedicate time to research and development. Questionnaire Part - 1 1.

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  • A few months ago my husband and I attended an art opening at a local gallery.
  • Product licensing is a streamlined way to turn an idea into a product that's ready for sale.
  • As a result, hundreds of new skin care companies have formed to meet this new demand for safe, natural beauty products.

This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number For retailers, these brands represent entertainment with genuine fashion credibility attached. They resonate with female teenagers, always the hardest of audiences to please.

And following on the heels of music stars into licensing are celebrities as diverse as Nigella Lawson and Jordan, aware of the power of their endorsement. Making the most of the opportunity as it comes is fraught with risks but licensees and retailers are increasingly looking to these brands as important alternatives to film and TV licenses. In the music world, fan merchandise is where it all starts. Products such as calendars, posters and t-shirts will always be popular and lucrative. Two important trends are prevelent now: stars are licensing beyond traditional fan produce and fan-ware such as t-shirts is becoming cool and finding its way into the high street.

So how do you tackle licensing music stars? The first approach is to make products based on the likeness of the band members, which will appeal to fans. The second is to create a new brand in its own right, using the essence or name of the star. Central to the strategy is the notion that girls aspire to the lifestyle of the band or star. The Licensing Company executed this strategy for the girl band Atomic Kitten, creating AK branded lines of fashion clothing, beauty products and cosmetics.

The products were endorsed by the band but didn't bear pictures of them, just the more subtle AK branding. Photos of the band members were used for point of sale and to promote the products. The things to consider before embarking on negotiating a licence for a superstar can make for nervous reading. Music licensed products are, in the main, high-risk and short turnaround. Stars frequently change their look, rendering products bearing a previous look, well, previous. David Beckham must exasperate.

There is often a dichotomy between where stars want to be at retail and where their fans are likely to go to shop. Music licensing agency Bravado's Shelley Kerridge says, 'You have to manage expectations. You can't let a star go ahead with something that will fail. Managing these expectations is crucial. Licensing agents and licensees must also learn to work with shifting tour details, dates and decisions.

In comparison to a character, which is controllable, has an official strategy and is usually a very positive role model, you can't control an artist or a celebrity. The fact that your star may do something tabloid-headline-grabbing doesn't seem to matter too much but the biggest risk especially for retailers buying many months in advance is that the band will go out of fashion or will fold. UK retailer BhS, which took Atomic Kitten's AK fashion range exclusively and supported it extensively, chose to do so because the band had been on the scene for two years and attracted a consistent and loyal fan base.

It was a risk worth taking. When the band folded the brand effectively vanished. But this hasn't deterred TLC or other agents and retailers from backing music brands. TLC's Rupert Waters says: 'If you can get the right group at the right time it can do very very well. But when it does well, as some of the hip hop and rock artists' merchandise has, it does really well.

So, in spite of the risks, it seems the benefits are irresistible. The most important lure is that music gets you close to a difficult audience, pre-teens and teens.

It resonates more than anything else in their social lives. Shelley again, 'Music is relevant and fashionable, but it's more than just a fashion brand. It reflects a personality and lifestyle that people want a part of in the same way they would buy Barbie or Bob to be like them as a child. Music also delivers instant credibility if your timing is right and when a band or artist supports the licensing programme you have the most potent promotional vehicle at your disposal.

Appearances, give-aways, tickets to gigs, competitions, can all be used to make promotions and launches literally come alive.

As far as products are concerned they can be as small as sweatbands or, apparently, finger sweatbands or as glamorous as fashion watches and sunglasses. The key difference with music, says Shelley, is that you can't roll out the traditional three-staged licensing programme that you might associate with a TV series. A short lead time and quick turnaround are essential; it's about seizing the moment. What's in licensing for the bands?

The key word here is brand not band. Increasingly, artists see themselves as brands working across different categories. Shelley points to hip hop artists such as Ashanti and Eminem as the best examples. Bow Wow, for example, has an exclusive apparel deal in the US for boys, which will extend to girls later this year.

It's not all high-risk in the music world. Many brands represent a longer lasting and less risky choice for retailers. The products are logical extensions of the brand and are available at mainstream retailers in the UK such as Argos. Mark Rodol, CEO of Ministry of Sound, suggests that licensing has helped rejuvenate the Ministry brand and reach out to the core of people in every city who like dance music.

Alan Halsall explains why the brand was attractive, 'Smash Hits has a good heritage, there are great marketing opportunities through its magazine and other media channels, there is parental knowledge of the brand and it gives us an opportunity to spread into a new product area with products that have instant stand-out and authority in store. Across Europe the picture is far from homogenous.

Pop bands in one country won't necessarily be popular in another. Some countries have a particularly strong affinity for a type of music: rock, for example, in Germany.

One band that does transcend boundaries is The Beatles. One of the reasons for the success is Apple's focus on the iconic imagery of the band members. It has allowed designers freedom to create fresh graphics based on the original Beatles and Yellow Submarine. For brands like Smash Hits and Ministry of Sound income from licensing is credible.

More so, though, as EMAP's head of enterprises Zachary Soreff explains, 'it provides 'touch points' with your audience; teenage consumers expect their favourite brands to appear in other areas'.

And these brands may represent a lower risk option for licensees. As Alan Halsall says, 'Smash Hits might not have the pulling power of a top international star but it's staying power will be better. Celebrities represent a growing area of licensing. Marketing manager Ryan Norton says that the company will progress their licensing deal by deal. When you are matching an identifiable personality with a product or existing brand, you have to ensure the image of the celebrity fits exactly with the marketing strategy of the fmcg brand.

Dickenson is a larger than life character, famous for presenting a daytime TV series called Bargain Hunt, with catch phrases and mannerisms about antiques and bargains. His fans are students and daytime TV watchers and he has become something of a cult hero. The product will go into pubs where it will be instantly recognisable, an "of course! In the case of celebrity chefs and gardeners, the brands have an implied expertise in their field but each must find the right retail niche. Basil Brush seems an unlikely celebrity but in many ways he was one of the first.

Always a presenter, host, singer and star, Basil's activity has continued in this vein since his re-launch as the star of his own sitcom by Entertainment Rights.

Since then he has appeared at awards ceremonies, on Blue Peter, released singles and appears in the tabloid newspapers. The unique thing about celebrity Basil Brush is that he can be controlled in the same way as a character.

Retailers are likely to remain risk-averse but fashion and music are likely to stay top of the agenda, particularly in the teen market. Matching the two may take nerves of steel but when successful should make sweet music.

All rights reserved. Skip to main content. For retailers, these brands represent e. Sam Phillips June 01, Superstardom In the music world, fan merchandise is where it all starts. The pros and cons The things to consider before embarking on negotiating a licence for a superstar can make for nervous reading. Safer bets It's not all high-risk in the music world.

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After WWII, it was bought by Hearst Publications, and since the early s, it has been owned by a private investor group. These categories include more than skus and can be found in more than 13, retail doors. They not only appear in advertisements and campaigns. Warner's and Olga, which are licensed with Vandale Industries, had a solid year and the brands are surpassing their plan for many categories in the U. This right is violated when someone discloses private or sensitive matters about a private person.

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Family owned and operated, Acure Organics was founded on the principles of sustainability and health. The full Acure Organics skin care line is crafted from USDA food-grade, certified USDA organic, and plant-based ingredients; thus, their products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and unnatural ingredients. Herbivore's organic skin care line is free from synthetics, artificial scents and dyes, parabens, fillers, and a host of other nasty ingredients.

Instead, Herbivore uses luxurious and rare ingredients like Cambrian Blue Clay, Blue Tansy sourced from Lapis Lazuli oil, and wild Orchid extract to deliver powerful yet, gentle! Pai offers an entire product line specifically formulated for those with a range of sensitive skin conditions. Whether you suffer from eczema, rosacea, reactive skin, or something else--Pai has got you covered. Their products are made from organic and natural ingredients and are truly super gentle.

They also offer anti-aging serums for sensitive skin types! Whenever we feature Dr. Alkaitis products in our Ox Box Beauty Boxes, our subscribers go nuts. A small, but knock out brand, Dr. Alkaitis products are shockingly good. Made with unique, rare, and potent organic ingredients, Dr. Alkaitis products definitely stand out from the luxury organic crowd. We really can't say enough good things about the brand--you just have to try it yourself!

Tammy Fender's products are some of the most unique that we've tested. Made with high quality certified organic ingredients, every one of the brand's products offers just a little something extra that makes the luxury price seem all too worth it. The Plant Milk, for example, is a totally unique blend of arnica, milk thistle, and white lily designed to nourish sensitive skin.

The Epi-Peel by far the most popular product from Tammy Fender is a contender for the best exfoliating mask on the market. A must try brand! May Lindstrom's luxurious line of organic skin care products features only the best certified organic, bio-dynamic, and wild-crafted ingredients.

The line is free of any harmful parabens, glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, phthalates, GMOs, silicones, and anything synthetic.

May Lindstrom offers seven products, each handcrafted and packaged in micro-batches for premium freshness. Their most loved product, The Blue Cocoon Mask with rare blue tansy, is a must try for anyone suffering from acne.

Farmaesthetics is the kind of brand that you think of when you think "organic skin care. The ingredients are always simple so simple they can be used for babies!

This isn't an ultra-potent skin care line, but it is a solid line of holistic, sustainable, organic skin products that can be used from head to toe. The hype around Maya Chia is definitely real. The entire Maya Chia organic skin care line revolves around supercritical chia seed oil. Chia oil is an anti-aging wonder ingredient that is packed with antioxidants and clinically proven to increase skin hydration. Maya Chia's patented extraction process allows for the gentle extraction of chia oil at max potency.

Their products are made in the USA and their ingredients are either certified organic or wildcrafted. All of their highly potent products are handmade and formulated by the brand's founder, Alexis Rose a certified aromatherapist and essential oil educator. Their skin care line contains tons of organic and wildcrafted ingredients and are toxin-free, gluten free, and vegan with the exception of the Rainforest Honey Mask.

Kari Gran caught our attention because they are an organic skin care brand dedicated to using high quality ingredients--without using water as a filler. All of their products are crafted using only active ingredients that nourish your skin. In short--you get more bang for your buck with these concentrated products. Kari Gran also makes amazing natural mineral makeup worth checking out. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the founder of Odacite decided to create an organic skin care line that used only the most effective, fresh, and magical ingredients that nature has to offer.

The brand swears off fillers, parabens, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, PEGs, synthetics, and phenoxyethanol. Juice Beauty offers a powerful organic skin care line featuring certified organic ingredients and USDA certified products. The secret behind Juice Beauty's potent formulas is the addition of over 30 freshly-squeezed organic juice blends, vitamins, and organic fruit acids into every product.

Their products, especially their USDA Organic Facial Wash and Treatment Oil, contain no parabens, petroleum, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, and no known harmful chemicals. After battling with skin problems for most of her life, Suki made it her personal mission to create a skin care line that was truly gentle and effective. Today, Suki Skincare offers top organic products that are free of allergens, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, sulfates, and synthetic chemicals.

Their most potent organic skin care products, including up to By blending the antioxidant power of vitamins with the healing power of organic oils and fruit extracts, One Love Organics creates top rated products like their Vitamin B Enzyme Cleanser, Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream, and their caffeinated firming serum, Morning Glory.

All of Ursa Major's products contain zero toxins like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, glycols, silicones, synthetics, etc. Kypris is a luxury organic skin care line that takes ingredient quality to the extreme in a good way. All products in the Kypris line feature certified organic, wild-crafted, natural, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their truly unique formulations are truly unlike anything you've seen before in organic skin care and definitely justify their prices. Must-tries from the line are the ultra-luxurious Beauty Elixirs: 1, Roses made from 1, roses!

W Basics is an innovator when it comes to simple, pure certified organic skin care. If you want to really spoil your skin, try mixing the brand's organic Hibiscus Mask featuring French green clay and organic lavender powder with raw manuka honey or coconut water. Make sure that the next organic skin care brand you try is the right one for your skin!

Get matched to your perfect organic brand in seconds with our Organic Brands Quiz. Click now to get started. Little Barn Apothecary takes its namesake very seriously. All of their skin care products, which use certified organic ingredients, are hand-made in small batches at the company's production studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Kahina Giving Beauty is driven by a commitment to philanthropy and quality ingredients.

Laurel Whole Plant is a luxury organic skin care line focused on using flowers, herbs, and plant-based ingredients. Their formulations are crafted from plants which have been picked at their peak and then gently coaxed into pouring all of their therapeutic benefits into each product without the use of heavy refining. Mahalo Skin Care is an eco-conscious organic skin care brand featuring nothing but the highest quality natural botanicals. Based on a mix of ancient Polynesian and Eastern healing techniques, every product sold by Mahalo is hand-crafted in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii.

Their ingredients are sourced from local Hawaiian co-ops, bio-dynamic farms, and when possible their own garden. Eminence has been making handmade organic skin care products in Hungary since Free of harmful chemicals due to sustainable farming practices for example, tea tree oil is used instead of pesticides , Eminence's award-winning professional collection blends fresh fruits, plants, and rare spices into expert concoctions boasting potent healing properties.

Alteya Organics offers a robust line of USDA certified organic skin care products based on the world's highest quality and most fragrant oil-yielding flowers: the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and Bulgarian Lavender.

Family owned and operated, Alteya's organic products are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetics, phthalates, and petrochemicals. Although rms beauty is primarily a makeup brand, they offer a few organic skin care products crafted from the highest quality organic ingredients that definitely deserve attention. Their ultimate organic skin product, the Beauty Oil, is crafted from coveted ingredients like jojoba seed oil, rosehip seed oil, turmeric, olive leaf, and ashwagandha.

Cocovit specializes in one thing: really exceptional coconut oil. Using their proprietary method of heatless, chemical-free extraction allowing them to retain all of the benefits of a fresh raw coconut , Cocovit has arguably the finest organic coconut skin care product on the market. For an instant boost, try the ultra-pure Coconut Charcoal Face Mask with activated charcoal and Bentonite clay.

Using a combination of organic and food-grade ingredients like oats, almonds, sugar, and expeller-pressed oils, Soapwalla which means "soap master" in Hindi designs products that are good for humans and good for the earth their packaging contains no BPA or heavy metals. These oils feature an abundance of rich essential fatty acids that are key for hydration because of Trilogy's solvent-free extraction process.

Trilogy has won over 59 distinguished international beauty awards. Miranda packs the powerful antioxidant which she credits for her youthful skin, Noni Fruit Extract, into each Kora Organics product. Beauty By Earth offers a truly healthy line of organic products containing USDA certified ingredients, natural botanicals, and no harmful chemicals. Their truly delicious skin care line is free from fillers, fragrances, synthetics, refined oils, alcohol, preservatives, and many others unwanted toxins.

Established in , Mukti products are crafted in small batches with high quality organic ingredients that are locally sourced from Australia. So good, you could eat it!

Certified organic by the USDA, Sky Organics products use only the finest ingredients when crafting their luscious line of body butters, carrier oils, toners, and potent botanical serums.

Whether you decide to nourish your skin with their artisanal mango, cocoa, and shea body butters or pump up your daily facial routine with their Organic Rose Water Toner and Castor Oil serum, your skin will thank you for the boost of antioxidants, proteins, and essential fatty acids. The Founder of Zoe Organics, Heather Hamilton, started the company with the mission of helping people to eliminate toxins from their body and environment.

As such, Zoe Organics offers a line of skin care products for pregnant mothers and babies which contain only the highest-quality certified organic ingredients. Some of their highest rated organic products include their Siesta Sunset night cream, Dawn Delight with matcha tea and rose cream , and their new C-Love vitamin C moisturizer.

Bronner's has a long-standing almost years history of making the world's best soap products. Today, Dr. Bronner's offers an array of USDA certified organic skin care products ranging from soaps to body lotions and balms.

Madara Cosmetics specializes in creating powerful certified organic skin care products based on the flowers and herbs from the Baltic meadows and forests. One of their top reviewed products is the Superseed Age Recovery Organic Facial Oil which includes potent antioxidants like Blackcurrant and rosehip oil.

Ila organics takes pride in going "Beyond Organic," which means sourcing their ingredients from remote locations across the globe to ensure that they are free from contamination at the source. Ila's organic skin care line is built around the brand's three key ingredients: organic Argan oil, Himalayan salt crystals, and organic Rose Otto Damascene.

Look for these luxurious ingredients in products like ila's Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty, face oils, body creams, and age-restoring masks. After seeing the detrimental effects of standard beauty products on stylists after years of continuous exposure, the creator of Aveda, Horst Rechelbacher, founded Intelligent Nutrients as a safer alternative.

EO Products has been in business for 20 years and crafting certified organic products for 12 years. They vow that all of their products are free from synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and gluten. The company uses only the safest natural ingredients when organic ingredients aren't possible.

Each step of their production process is strictly monitored and all products that enter their warehouse must be certified organic. USDA Certified Organic, hand-crafted, and filled with genuinely effective natural and organic ingredients, Terressentials' 25 year old skin care line passes the sniff test of even the most discerning skin care aficionado.

Their quality ingredients are even grown on their own organic farm in the pristine Catoctin Mountains of the Appalachian Trail. Marketed as an organic solution for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, or dry skin, Trillium Organics offers USDA Certified Organic skin care products made from the purest ingredients.

Their Organic Body Polish, a worldwide favorite and flagship of the brand, claims to "do it all" with its blend of sunflower, safflower, essential oils, and crystalline salt.

Crafted from some of the purest botanicals in the world, Dr. The company aggressively avoids GMOs and fights against their use worldwide. Their robust line features an Organic Citrus Cleanser with orange peel and aloe vera, an Organic Chamomile Toner with apple cider vinegar and chamomile, and an Organic Acai Night Moisturizer with powerful acai, shea, and calendula oils.

Have you heard of ozonated oils? If not, prepare to be amazed by the instantaneous results of these futuristic oils. Invented and sold by famed inventor Nikola Tesla as Glycozone, ozonated oils blend premium grade skin care oils like olive, coconut, jojoba, castor, and hemp oils with pure oxygen in the form of ozone.

PurO3 creates their organic line by bubbling powerful oxygen through their organic oils until fully saturated. Apply daily to your face and experience the results for yourself. Located in Brooklyn, N. Eir NYC is an organic skin care line designed for people with active lifestyles. Their products are free of parabens, toxic chemicals, and artificial fragrances and contain a variety of nourishing organic ingredients. For those who spend a lot of time in the sun, check out their Face Rescue nighttime moisturizer made with elderflower, almond, and rosewood oils.

Even better, Eir's Sunset Oil is specifically formulated for beach bums with aloe vera, arnica, and chamomile. The brand uses organic, natural, and wild ingredients whenever possible. Australian made with natural and organic ingredients, MV Organic Skincare's mantra is "no compromises" when it comes to their ingredients. Endorsed by naturopaths, dermatologists, and holistic doctors worldwide, MV's products are truly effective and gentle.

Potent organic products from their line include the Gentle Cream Cleanser with luscious honeysuckle extract , 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic with avocado and carrot seed , Rose Plus Booster with rose damascena , and organically grown Jojoba Oil. Happy Skincare is an Australian organic skin care line started by a family with a passion for mixology. The grey area would be reproduction of the painting as a limited edition of fine art prints. Most courts consider such prints to be free speech just like the original artwork and thus, still immune from rights of privacy or publicity.

For example, in New York an edition of 5, prints of a painting depicting Tiger Woods was held immune as an artistic expression of free speech. However, in California, the standard is more subjective. If they want to buy it because they want a picture of that person, it is not transformative. If it has artistic qualities beyond a conventional realistic portrait, that would further support the argument that it is transformative; for example, if stylized distortion or harsh colors contribute to the unflattering depiction.

See Legalities 3 for more on the rights of publicity. I recently painted a portrait from a photo of Elizabeth Taylor. I have gotten a lot of good feedback on it and am considering selling prints and possibly note cards as well. Since I am a fan of Ms. Taylor, I do not want to infringe upon her rights.

Is it a good idea to seek permission from Ms. Yes, you would need Ms. Celebrity photographs are not in the public domain. However, celebrities enjoy little, if any, rights of privacy, and their rights of publicity are limited to commercial uses. Unauthorized photos and illustrations of celebrities are common in the media, because most media depictions of celebrities are considered expressions of free speech about matters of concern to the general public.

Therefore, you also need permission from the photographer or her assignee who took the photo you used as a reference for your painting. A painting based on the photograph is a copy of that work. Moreover, this is true whether or not you make reproductions of the painting, because the painting itself is already an unauthorized copy of the photograph. See Legalities 1 for more on copyright. For these reasons, artists must be doubly careful when using photographs of people as references for their work.

You may need multiple permissions, not only from the photographer, under copyright, but also from each person depicted, under the rights of privacy and publicity. However, such implied consent might not extend to commercial goods. Next month, more on model releases. Please send your questions to legalities owe. All Rights Reserved.

Kattwinkel is a former graphic artist who currently enjoys personal oil painting. She practices intellectual property law, arts law, arbitration and mediation as a member of Owen, Wickersham and Erickson in San Francisco. The information in this column is provided to help you become familiar with legal issues that may affect graphic artists.

Legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and nothing provided here should be used as a substitute for advice of legal counsel.

36 Celebrity Product Lines You Didn't Know About - Celebrity Fashion & Beauty Lines

One common side gig happens to be coming up with and promoting their own alcohol brand. Those who are known for their figures have created brands that are low in calories. So which celebrities have gotten into the business? Here are 25 celebrities who have their own alcohol brands. Many reality stars hope to gain fame in order to hawk products to their fans. She created the brand, which became so successful that she sold it in to the liquor conglomerate Beam Suntory.

The brand itself has expanded past alcohol to Skinnygirl meals, snacks, and more. According to Decanter, the first 1, cases sold out within hours in It is Pitt who is reportedly more involved with the business. It is named after the area code of his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. The tequila has been well-reviewed. The two-time Oscar winner also has a side gig.

The idea for his liquor brand came from a friend while they were drinking in Mexico. You guys have to get licensed and do this right. Marilyn Manson The Nachtkabarett. The rock star definitely has a strong brand, which typically includes all that is creepy.

So of course, when he came up with his own alcohol brand it had to be green and strong. It is produced in Switzerland and distilled from herbs. The green color is actually natural. The singer created the Qream liqueur, which was marketed to women. The liqueur is no longer available.

However, the deal went awry when the stock declined , so the company could no longer pay Bruce Willis back. His most notable venture is with Ciroc, which became the second-largest high-end vodka in the United States, according to The Washington Post. Ciroc was not created by Combs, but he was brought on to help the brand through celebrity marketing and it worked! The funnyman started his own vodka brand, which comes in a cool clear skull bottle. Ludacris is another rapper who got into the alcohol game and he was very involved in making the cognac.

Birdman Grand Touring Vodka. Like Sean Combs, the former rapper is keeping a lower profile these days. He came up with Crunk Juice and even made a song for it. The frontman has a passion for wine, so he came out with Dreaming Tree Wines. A big part of the brand is sustainability, so their labels are made from recycled paper, their bottles are lighter so there is less fuel used to move them, and some of the proceeds are donated to environmental organizations.

These definitely seem like great beer options for those with a sweet tooth. In , the company, Dogfish Head, paid tribute to the band by coming up with an imperial pale ale called American Beauty. It was created with the help of the band itself , according to The Los Angeles Times. Fans were allowed to give suggestions to come up with a recipe and after 1, submissions, they got the finished product.

The brand specializes in sake and other spirits. It is also owned by the singer, who acts as its spokesperson. You may be hesitant to buy sake from CeeLo Green, but the company is Japanese and has great reviews.

The country singer decided to get into the rum business in A band that makes wine together, stays together. At least we would hope so.

San Francisco is also part of the inspiration. The guitar icon has moved his brand beyond music. He created his own wine brand, which is a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay, with Mumm Napa in So over a whole day I tasted [different blends]. And not strangely enough, but coincidentally enough, [my wife and I] selected the same wines [as Ludovic Dervin] without being in the same room. Follow Nicole Weaver on Twitter nikkibernice.