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I love swords. Some more than others, admittedly. I have handled a live katana as part of tameshigiri target cutting practice, and have had the chance to study directly with Kaiso Obata himself. Only the katana, however, was ever sharpened. And it is that sharpness — or rather, the illusion of danger — that people find sexy.

Hi Maria, It is, isn't it? Grace Kelly has fencing scenes in The Swan and looks quite well in them. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. Although she was not proven to be a historical figure, Tomoe Gozen has impacted much of the warrior class, including many traditional Naginata schools. But especially the aforementioned M i a and Lucia; both frequently rank at the top of "Hottest Fire Emblem Character" lists. Mahou Sensei Negimawhich has nearly all the Always Female tropes, of course Chick wtih swords this one. I agree bad form is bad form…but girls with swords still rock if wtkh properly. Winged Humanoid Angelg has the Mirage Sword, wielded in style of sword rapier sworfs, but it's not its most powerful arsenal the main arsenal is the bow. Here are Ftv girl videos things to consider when using a katana against Chick wtih swords zombie, either slow or fast.

Super freak clip. Examples of Action Girls who don't fit into any of the sub-tropes above:

As our group talked through it, we were honest enough to admit that on some we were soldiers and on others we had a bit of both. All Professional Homemade. AngelicSnow Lisa unpacked this one a bit and said this incredible statement: Warriors understand all victories begin in private. Forgot Serena and darian porn Chick wtih swords Password? One big separation is the power of choice. In the anime, after being trapped in a bottomless marsh, Ameyuri gives the blades to Omoi as a thank-you gift from their exciting battle. These blades can channel the user's own respective lightning techniques or conduct natural lightning. Warning: This Link May be Unsafe. Duration Chick wtih swords. By channeling chakra into the blades, the swords amplify it before returning to the user. TeenieMarie Kiri lost possession of the swords after Raiga Kurosuki became a Missing-ninand following his death, the swords remained at the bottom of a river in the Land of Rivers. Warriors fight according to the will of God. Invite the Spirit to bring His powerful grace and train you in areas you lack mastery.

When the Wonder Woman movie came out a couple of years ago, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

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  • Kiri lost possession of the swords after Raiga Kurosuki became a Missing-nin , and following his death, the swords remained at the bottom of a river in the Land of Rivers.
  • We have had such a progression so far in our study…identifying ourselves not as victims but targets, to recognizing ourselves a heroes on a battleground, and acknowledging the Cross as a sword.
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I love swords. Some more than others, admittedly. I have handled a live katana as part of tameshigiri target cutting practice, and have had the chance to study directly with Kaiso Obata himself. Only the katana, however, was ever sharpened. And it is that sharpness — or rather, the illusion of danger — that people find sexy. This should be awesome, right? Strong, beautiful women warriors wielding deadly weapons? But no. Will you please take this thing and do it for me?

And so on. There are other major categories where women use swords as crutches or canes endangered and disabled! I think some of these creators want to honor the female form. In their minds, women look appealing when holding a bladed weapon. I agree that these ideas are artistically interesting and worthwhile. Maybe take a class. Or maybe just watch some classes. A simple fencing class would go a long way.

The same way that writers must research a topic before writing about it, artists and photographers might do the same thing before creating art on a topic. They might be inspired to create something that is truly complimentary and dignified for women. This is Hollywood, make-believe, dress up and pretend. Stage combat in particular is not about necessarily creating accurate-looking fights, but rather creating fights that tell a story using period-appropriate weapons and techniques.

Still, look at how utterly amazing this is! The sword stays out in front of her. It crosses her body slightly in a defensive pose that is still ready to strike. They could simply pose women doing the sorts of things men would do. Why criticize? Why do they look anything BUT dangerous? Are you afraid of that? Is it too fucking scary to see a woman who is a competent fighter? Or is it safer to infantilize them? Or is this just a great big case of The Lazy?

The blade should be at least protecting her head instead of sticking out into no-fucking-where I mean, what is she protecting? The fern? Pingback: Vintage Ninja.

While I do agree with some of what you said, and am thoroughly impressed that you have such an extensive background, I think that some of this may be subject to a matter of perspective. For one, I know absolutely jack shit about swords.

What a badass! I think to them, and to a lot of people who are uneducated about swordplay, these pictures actually do look tough and intimidating. On the flip side, I would absolutely love to see more pictures of women who are actually wielding swords properly and artists who depict warriors correctly. Brilliant, hysterical AND educational!! Best public service announcement ever.

I am totally reposting. One everything you said is correct, Two amazingly insightful and funny and Three seriously a smart witty woman is sexier than any pose. The last picture is Bizzare with the sword stuck out randomly, but keeping the hands close together is is quite common in some Japanese sword ryu. Thanks for that, Simeon. And I mean no disrespect to other ryus whatsoever, of course. You should star a Tumbler on the subject! Not the most practical katana she could choose, except when she is rinding horses.

As for the video…nice! Thanks so much for pointing me to it. I have a follow up blog post to this one about photos and art of women with swords that I think work well.

Great post! And yes, even a fencing class will teach you some basic positions and why you hold the sword in front of you rather than off at some bizarre angle. The Alex Kingston pose has a real energy to it. We balance them on shoulders, heads, etc. Thanks for mentioning this. And you mentioned that you have experience handling all kinds of blades. Is that mostly of the East Asian variety? All the rest were either iaidos unsharpened katanas or stage combat weapons and most of those were Western European.

Hi — I am a longtime iaido practitioner and teacher. My illustrator just sent me a link to this blog post, and I really got a great laugh out of it. I am an indie author and have trained in Shinkendo, myself, for about four years practicing well over ten. So I can truly relate. Anyway, thanks, your post was great. As a swordswoman and a sword model I have to really disagree with you. And for the record, katanas were not the only swords that were sharpened.

When I am modeling with a sword I hold it very different than how I hold it during training. But I do sometimes child my sword in a way for a shoot that I do in training. So I think your argument here it pretty off base. The rest were dull. Those were mostly stage combat weapons and iaidos. I think you might be reading slightly left of my point. The problem is that most of these photos have the women handling them in ways that make them look like dingbats.

The vast majority, in fact. Your poses might look awesome! Hey there! I did it this way to give the artists the option of coming forward for discussion. These particular pictures, however, are simply representative of issues I saw across the Internet. You have a fair and valid point to make and I support it, however some of your image choices do it no favour. It appears to be a cool costume, for sure, but not metal. The character looks inexperienced with weapons.

I only picked on the one issue. But the elevation is weird. There ought to be a creative meeting ground, I think. Here is a better excerpt directly from the law itself 17 USC Section :. Yes you can use images to illustrate points without copyright infringement — but you really really should make a habit of crediting the artist who took HOURS of their time to create the art regardless of whether you like it or not. I say that on behalf of all my fellow artists. But I will point out one thing.

Example: Much earlier this year, an artist acquaintance on Facebook was finishing his first short film and he posted the title card online. Everything looked beautiful but for a nitpick: there was a stray comma in the copy. I said exactly that in a comment. Just a tiny thing, in my mind. Sure, YOU might not mind someone criticizing your work with your name on it, but many other people do. You can only speak for yourself.

And, incidentally, Aly is a very talented artist. I hope she does more research so that she understands this subject better. Hayes piece and others similar in concept. Not every piece showing someone holding a sword is depicting a combat situation and not everyone is just carrying their sword like you would.

His painting clearly depicts someone showing off the weapon, marvelling at how amazing it is while drawing it from a scabbard.

What have you battled through that has strengthened you? Sign in to remove this from recommended. Soldiers are paid. Lisa unpacked this one a bit and said this incredible statement: Warriors understand all victories begin in private. Soldiers follow orders. Soldiers fight for just a season of life. To view the video, this page requires javascript to be enabled.

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When the Wonder Woman movie came out a couple of years ago, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Strong girls in literature saved me as a child. There are entire chapters I pretty much skimmed. I hated the violence, but I loved her strength. As an adult, I continue to read and love strong-girl books.

There are a LOT of girls armed with swords and knives on book covers these days. I love the strength and action of these heroines, I love their fierce capacity for protection and self-protection. I think what gives me pause is that, increasingly, we seem to be equating power and strength with weapons, battle, and conquest—which feels a little like giving in to centuries-old male visions of strength and power—power over , strength that requires someone else to fall—rather than celebrating the creative and constructive versions of those qualities, and what they look like in actual women.

Hi, folks. I actually love the bad-assery of the girls and totally understand the deep joy of seeing powerful girls, especially girls of color, gracing the covers of books—at long last! The Games of Thrones TV series worship, for instance, is depressing to me because there is SO much brutality and violence, especially violence against women, in it that it feels desensitizing.

Again, just my opinion. The way my article started was as a cover trend round-up. I often write about book jacket trends, and I had started to notice a lot of similar girl-wielding-weapon covers in YA fantasy. I wanted to like them for all of the reasons readers here have liked them, but I also felt like the images not the books themselves, just the cover images were attaching traditionally male ideas of what strength and power look like.

I went through the Ingram book database and pulled out every fantasy cover I could find that showed a girl holding a weapon or in one case, a girl with a weaponized bionic arm. While my own intentions were strictly about violence and patriarchal notions of strength and power, I understand that other readers may feel differently about that issue, or read into the article based on their own viewpoints.

Thanks for reading the post. Everyone be offended. Everyone get mad. Stay mad. Make sure that you read into this article everything you hate. Now, get on Twitter and hate some more. Especially girls of color who so rarely see themselves as a kick-ass heroine. Those girls want those books. They need them. Also explain why a BW with a prosthetic arm was seen as having a weapon. There are 20 books there. Stop looking for ways to be offended. Maybe we could put a badass girl surrounded by books or scrolls on cover, i.

And as first commenter said, violence can be used for good purposes. And, I would like to give one advice to the author of the post, with best intentions in mind. Ignore particular individuals on social media, especially considering who is the instigator of the rant in question. Nah, sis. Book covers represent the genre and typically the protagonist of the book. YA Contemporary covers tend to be illustrated minimally with word art on the cover.

Has nothing to do with the character and what they are trying to convey as their symbol of strength. Fair point…. And I absolutely agree, but I think the covers go beyond merely representing the content of the book.

These books carry strong message of girls being strong and powerful, and I honestly think that artists have that in mind when creating covers. Sometimes the artist is so good in conveying that message that people buy a book without looking at the blurb. Calling someone racist and sexist with providing no evidence, when nowhere in the text does the person in question exhibit that behavior, is critiquing the post according to you?

And for what? Free promo, attention and couple of likes? I love badass women on covers. Either way it now highlights my to be read list. Thanks for the great suggestions. There have always been actual women who wielded weapons. There have always been females rebels, soldiers, hunters, and even generals.

Also, the black woman in the top row has a prosthetic arm, not a weapon. Whoever included that cover might want to take a closer look at what assumption led them to include it. As a guy who grew up in the wide-open age of war toys and roistering fistfighting movie scenes, it took a while-in fact till I started taking Tae Kwon Do in high school-that I started realizing all this is REAL, and better be handled carefully. A lot of kids playing video games have the same problem these days.

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