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The beginning of the history of the Latin Kings goes back to the year in the Near West Side neighborhood at the intersection of Laflin and Van Buren. The main symbol for the Imperials was a crown which gave birth to the crown the Latin Kings use today accept back then the crown only had three points. The Imperials were a reclusive organization that mostly moved in silence to avoid the press and they did not seek social services like many other gangs in the neighborhood did at Hull House or other club houses. Santos moved away from Laflin and Van Buren and came to Leavitt and Schiller in and many Imperials came with him. Sabin elementary school located at W Hirsch St.

Crazy luis latin kings

Crazy luis latin kings

Crazy luis latin kings

He is not a household name for most of you. InMartin loosened the restrictions somewhat by allowing Felipe to talk with other prisoners like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. Unrecommend Hairdresser, 21, is left with severe facial burns after a night of passion turned into disaster when a If either Mr. We violate our much touted Constitutional principles with impunity and lattin serve to underscore our deep hypocrisy. Because, the judge wrote, he, not correction officials, is intimately familiar with Mr. Crime hides, and by far the most terrifying Crazy luis latin kings are those which elude us.

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Sociologists studying the Latin Kings and Queens have observed the different methods in which both groups attempt to "reclaim and regulate" their environments. Colon, Once again Chicago Police gunned down two Puerto Rican youths and once again the community was infuriated. People Crazy luis latin kings. Since it's founding, in Chicago Illinois, back in the early 60's the Almighty Latin Kings Nation has been labeled one of the most organized, violent and powerful criminal organization in existence. That two-year war came to an end on Crazy luis latin kings 12, when the Division street riots were happening. The almighty Latin king and queen nation: Street politics and the transformation of a New York City gang. In the yearthe Latin Kings bopped heads with one of their biggest allies the Young Lords and war ensued that lasted two years until the Young Lords became passive activists and were no longer interested in neighborhood control. The Imperials were the first Hispanic gang in Wicker Park or on the whole north side of Chicago in history! The "cultural program" designation was bestowed through government sponsored programs to assist gangs with integration into society Adult theaters richmond hill swing shift is led by Latin Queen Melody, Erika Jaramillo. By the mids the Latin Kings were spreading into more suburbs and the sleeper cells were opening up and taking in suburban kids interested in gangbanging.

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  • When a group of deaf people were communicating by sign language in a Broward bar a few years ago, a Latin Kings member known as Queen Flaka interrupted them and flashed gang signs in their faces.
  • They saw themselves as a Latino progress movement to improve quality in immigrant families overcoming racial discrimination and founded the organization on the philosophy of "overcoming racial prejudice" and creating an organization of "Kings" and "Queens".
  • The beginning of the history of the Latin Kings goes back to the year in the Near West Side neighborhood at the intersection of Laflin and Van Buren.
  • National CSI.

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Pictured are members of the Latin Kings which the newspaper referred to as "a group of young men within the Little Village area. He forbade him to write or be visited by anyone except his lawyer and close relatives, of whom Felipe has none. At this time, the membership of the Latin Kings is believed to have swelled to 3, incarcerated and 4, free. The Latin Queens are believed to focus more on their private space issues such as home life and protection and nurturing of their bodies, as opposed to the Latin Kings, who are more concerned with loss of public spaces in their own communities. This section became very tightly ran and well organized and become the very first Latin King suburban branch on the entire planet. Early s 30th and Trumbull Tagging in the Lathrop projects s s in front of a hell of well-done mural Lathrop Projects old tagging, I don't understand the cross in the tag s "Macho" North Ave and Sawyer s Homan rooftop mural again s s Cortland and Whipple s Early s Hirsch and Spaulding Ashland and Columbia s s s s Late s s s 25th and Avers in front of a hell of a mural s Early s 53rd and Albany s 21st and Albany, this elaborate mural is only showing in part in this picture 53rd and Albany s very impressive mural with just one odd part. Gonzales,

Crazy luis latin kings

Crazy luis latin kings

Crazy luis latin kings

Crazy luis latin kings

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Latin Kings | Chicago Gang History

This is not the tale of those biblical three Kings—Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar—nor the story of a baby in a manger who wound up a King on a cross with a crown of thorns who ascended into heaven. It is the tale of a King whose crown of gold named him King Blood.

There is no joy in this narrative. He is not a household name for most of you. One of those nightmares we see on prison porn shows. According to the conventional wisdom he is an animal who deserves neither our compassion nor our understanding nor justice. For many his punishment is not enough and they cry for death.

We save compassion for the innocent and the victims. We dole out our charity to those most deserving. We, on the left, sign petitions and lobby for the rights of those we dub political prisoners. How dare they be tortured and kept in solitary? We demand justice for those we deem worthy of it. It's so easy to defend those we have deemed "not guilty.

And once we have done those good works we can sleep at ease in our beds. There is little interest shown in solving the economic disparities that create gangs and gang violence. The current solution is to pass harsher laws and build more prisons. For thousands, it is to find a family, a place in a society that has locked them out, and locked them up. Many find a place in a gang. Luis Felipe is currently the recipient of the harshest prison sentence ever levied in the United States in recent history.

Life imprisonment plus 45 years in solitary confinement. No visitors. No letters, no phone calls, except to his lawyer. He has no contact even with corrections officers in the Supermax facility. From my perspective Felipe's treatment is cruel and unusual punishment. The "essential predicate" is "that a punishment must not by its severity be degrading to human dignity," especially torture. And the fact that the judge now will allow Felipe to take his one hour exercise a week and have monitored conversation with Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber and Timothy McVeigh executed in , which Felipe rejected, does not mitigate the severity of his incarceration.

Those who have made him both a martyr and a hero to young people on the streets are doing a great job convincing young people of color that there is no justice in America for them.

We violate our much touted Constitutional principles with impunity and only serve to underscore our deep hypocrisy. The unconstitutional incarceration treatment of street brothers like King Blood does not serve as a deterrent to gang formation. It is a goad. The warehousing of more and more of our youth of color in jails and prisons across this nation serves as factories to produce yet more and more gang members on the streets.

The War on Drugs has been successful in undermining progressive change in Latin America, displacing populations, creating war zones in poor neighborhoods and filling prisons.

The irony in all this is that while we have a national passion and adulation for larger than life gangland crime figures on the silver screen, like Brando in The Godfather , or TV series like The Sopranos , we cower in fear of the tattooed gang bangers who serve as a warning to all nice middle class folks that you don't want these thugs in your neighborhood so lock em up and throw away the key.

And if life in prison is hell, a common reaction is "tough shit—they deserve it. Just as the entire nation mourned and still mourns for those slain in Connecticut, yet has overlooked those who die daily in poor communities of color, we need to have a national conversation about guns and gun violence that does more than scratch the surface causes of those daily deaths.

The solutions posited to solve the gun problem are not going to solve the gang problem. We all see headlines daily about gang violence in someone's 'hood, and most people that don't have to live with it daily count themselves lucky, and if driving through—roll up their windows, lock their car doors, and flee to the safety of gang free zones in the suburbs.

Guns have become part of a way of life in some neighborhoods and though the nation's mayors may wring their hands and call for more police, and federal grants to stop gang violence, more and more of those young people who are fighting for daily survival affiliate.

As a young teenager in the 60s, we had gangs in my neighborhood in Queens, New York—branches of the Brooklyn Chaplins and Bishops. I remember one school assembly where the principal gathered us together for safety in the auditorium, to announce "the Fordham Baldies " were coming.

This was an Italian-American gang from the Bronx, who would cut off our hair if they caught us that was the rumor. They never showed. I remember a guy I thought was cute giving me a zip gun to stash in my pocketbook.

They used to make them in shop class. In my cousin's neighborhood in East Harlem, th street was the dividing line between the Dragons and the Viceroys. This kind of gang stuff was romanticized and immortalized in West Side Story.

When I got older, and moved to D. The political climate had changed, and so had the drug scene, including the depredations of crack cocaine and harsher and unequal sentences for small scale sales and possession.

The prison population tripled. A close friend had a daughter who was a Queen, and through the daughter I developed a mentoring relationship to other young women in the Nation. I also had an academic interest, since I was familiar with the research and community activism of Rev.

Luis Barrios. In a detailed interview, King Blood reveals other aspects of his early years, in particular his extraordinary journey to the United States: One morning in , he [King Blood] was making his way home when he felt the cold barrel of a gun behind his ear. He escaped, ran behind a car, pulled out a. I got 10 years. That's when Castro opened his prison cells and freed the [undesirables. More than refugees traveled together in a ragtag flotilla, their fate in nature's indif- ferent hands.

He remembers seeing a fin cutting through the water just be- fore the raft next to him was rammed, throwing an old man overboard. The sharks ripped him apart, filling the water with magenta clouds. Six years later, he wrote in the Latin Kings' manifesto, [You don't even know if you will survive the present night]. Having worked as a prison rights activist, and as a paralegal with progressive lawyers like William Kunstler though I am not a lawyer , my immediate answer was, "That's impossible under the law.

I found out I was wrong. The judge was making his own law. And because Luis Felipe was a denizen of the underclass, no one gave a damn, other than his followers.

The young women I got to know well, and a few of the Peewees youth members were going to school, had hopes and dreams, were attempting to raise their children to have pride in their ethnicity, to know their history and most importantly, to stay alive in the world of gang rivalry and turf wars.

They were no different from many members of my family. They are indistinguishable from other young women of color in low income areas who have no gang affiliation. None of them are sociopaths. None were engaged in drug dealing. They did have a fierce loyalty to what they saw as key principles of their "nation. Lawyers and criminologists have called its abuse into question. In other cases, people who might be guilty of minor infractions or petty crimes are being charged with racketeering, again facing decades in prison if convicted.

Additionally, many of the people being charged are not associated with any known gang members. Simply living in a neighborhood that contains gang activity should not implicate citizens in involvement with a gang or participation in gang crime. A simple google search of "RICO gangs" will document what many community people view as abuses. One notable case is taking place in North Carolina. Officers entered the home with a warrant looking to seize shotguns, revolvers, pistols, an AK, and three machetes.

The indictment against the ALKQN is reminiscent of similar attempts against the Black Panther Party and the Chican movement in which a vital community organization was declared criminal and attacked. As a nation, whether we are religious or secular, we can no longer afford to turn away from prisons and prisoners. We can no longer avoid the effects of economic inequality. There will be no solution to guns on the streets unless we address the underlying causes of street gang formation, which include racism, ethnocentrism and classism.

I do not want to give the impression that there are no community and government efforts to intervene and reduce gangs. There are hundreds of them across the U. The DOJ website has links to many of them. But based on the data they present, current programs have done little to reduce the problem. In sum, gang activity and its associated violence remains an important and significant component of the U. While it has been reasonably assumed that gang-related violence would follow the overall dramatic declines in violent crime across the U.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but from my perspective, most of the programmatic efforts are like trying to apply band-aids to a gaping wound. Unless more people are engaged other than those who are immediately affected, not much will be accomplished. I hope that in the years ahead, more Democrats, progressives, liberals however you categorize yourselves will pay closer attention to issues that may not be on your immediate political agenda.

At the top of my list is a complete overhaul of the criminal justice system, which includes an end to the war on drugs and not simply overturning marijuana laws. A King and a crown of gold. Denise Oliver Velez for Daily Kos.

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Crazy luis latin kings

Crazy luis latin kings