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Skip to content. I have about six or seven small, white, mole-like things on my penis. They don't cause me any discomfort or anything during intercourse etc. Is there a way I can get them removed? Should I get them removed?

But if prevention fails, early diagnosis is the next best — and Mole on penis tip starts with a simple look at this often overlooked part of the male anatomy. Thank you very much Sir Nitin for the accurate, honest and detailed analysis about my palm. Finger People who have a mole on any finger turn out to be dishonest and tend to grossly exaggerate. If the mole on the forehead is located at left side and the forehead is narrow, then the person will be selfish and does not help any one. A urologist specializes in the urinary tract and the health of male reproductive organs.

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I have been to more Mole on penis tip a dozen in the past and now I am only going to Nitin. Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:. Hello Moe, Mr Kumaris a very charming man together with lots of integrity he told me such truths but in a nice way. Your reading is very accurate despite the fact that I am young and Amature brazilian girls a lot to experience. Very next day I got complete reading of my Palm. I have consulted many astrologers and palmist but none of them were able to come close to even 1 percent of my life events. In Your Box. There are three different types of skin cancer: Early signs of basal cell carcinoma include the appearance of a pearly or waxy onn or a flat, flesh-colored or brown scar-like lesion, Mole on penis tip MayoClinic. Arvind Kumar. Ask a Question. I was a little skeptical from the beginning, but I have read all reviews and decided to try. Anonymous December 18, at PM.

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Friday, March 15, What Does a Mole on the Penis Mean? Mole on penis indicates sexual diseases like STD, venereal diseases, etc. Email This BlogThis! Labels: Mole Til. Nitin Kumar Palmist. Newer Post Older Post Home. Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report? Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life.

Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to pages. Question: When I will receive my palm reading report? Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report? Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox. Question: Can you also suggest remedies? Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading. Question: Can you also suggest gemstone? Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading. Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera Take image from iphone or from any android phone or you can also use scanner. Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images? Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms Right and left hand , close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below. Answer: Cost of palm reading: India: Rs. For instant palm reading in 24 hours you need to pay extra Rs. Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:.

Screenshot of payment. Question: I am living outside of India so what are the options for me to pay you? Give Me Your Feedback. Harry December 3, at PM. Pundit Nitin is very good i would highly recommend to others fast reliable service and most importantly Honest, Pundit Ji has helped me a lot through difficult times and continues to do so. Sharfu December 3, at PM. Nitin ji is a great professional Palmist and astrologist.

He gives very good guidance People often thinks that we can change our life by palmistry and astrology, but the truth is your life can only be change by counseling from a professional palmist and astrologist, and thats what nitin ji is.

By working on nitin ji's remedy you can change your life for the betterment. I have a good experience with him. May God Bless You.. Nitin g u r such a honest person nd great palmist nd ur astrology is alwyz satisfied me I have good experience with him I would like to gav all credit to him bcz they solv tha evry problm with honest I alwyz folow him thnkz alot nitin g u alwyz hlps tha people evry time. Sana Zafar December 7, at PM. I personally liked the articles for learning palmistry thank u soo much for sharing yr knowledge with all of us..

Personally I am a very big fan of nitin ji as he has always helped me in solving my problems. Anonymous December 9, at PM. I have been using Nitin ji's palmistry guidance for many years and he is extremely honest and VERY accurate. He is very supportive and has upay for most issues. They will help me to destroy all the bad effects, black magic. Dear sir,Greetings to you I have visited at your site, it really praiseworthy work done by you. I really appreciate your work which help to learner such kind of me.

Thankful to you sir that help us for useful information.. Pls Kindly send me the copy I really need it which help to me increase my knowledge si. Thanking you. Warm regards! Shweta Lobhane. Narayan Debnath December 24, at PM. Thanking very Pandit ji. It helped me lot to enhance my knowledge about Palmistry. Hawk January 5, at PM. Nitin is the most accurate and honest palm reader I have come across, I looked around and all I could find is people disappointed from palm readers.

I really recommend his work and insight as it goes beyond any ordinary palm reading. He really helped me and I was touched by his honesty. He is a very spiritual person, we need honest people around us in life. Great job and the best reading ever. Very accurate and detailed. Love your work Try it out folks Anonymous January 8, at AM.

Hello all, Mr Kumar , is a very charming man together with lots of integrity he told me such truths but in a nice way. His an extremely accurate and I would highly recommend him as a person and a palmist.

Anonymous March 29, at PM. I love your work Nitin. You are such a professional and honest! You truly given me hope and guidance in my life. Keep up the good work! Ksshitij Chaudhary April 6, at PM. All thanx to Nitin ji He is so accurate even I was not sure for success of my film.. Anonymous April 19, at PM. Thanks heaps Nitin for all your advise regarding my career and love life. I appreciate all your work. Keep up the good work and more power to you!

Rachael May 5, at PM. Nithinji is a very honest Palmist. Whatever he said has come true for my sister in law. He is the man to go to if you have questions and trust me he is always positive is very imperative as possessing a sense of patience and remarkably humble.

God Bless him and his work. Jose Sanchez July 16, at PM. Nitin Kumar I must congratulate you for your kind and competent reading of my hands. GOD I wish you much light of understanding to enable it to help other people, as you have done me and my wife.

Jessica September 29, at PM. Nitin is very gifted and his accurate reading has given me optimism at a time when I was in a very dark place, I am eternally grateful to him.

Everything about my childhood is true and I believe his predictions for my future will therefore be true also. I feel very lucky to have found Nitin. After Nitin analyzed my palms, I feel more confident than previously and I decide to make every effort to make my dreams come true. Now, with the assistance of Nitin, I realize there are certain favourable signs on my palm to support what I will do and I will be keep going from now on.

Thanks again and I will write more after I finish my task, within a few years.

Sincerely Hannah Marie. Lymphoceles are small bumps under the surface of your skin. Hats off to you. Anonymous February 23, at PM. Till then a heartfull of respect from a 'fan'. Thank You sir. Anonymous February 8, at PM.

Mole on penis tip. Early General Symptoms


I have a mole on my penis

A mole, also known as a nevus, is a small dark patch on the skin that is usually harmless. A mole forms when the cells that produce melanin pigment grow in a cluster on the outer layer of your skin instead of being distributed across a wider area. Moles are quite common. An adult may have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles or more. They can appear anywhere on your body, including your penis. While it can be a little unsettling to see any type of spot on your penis, a mole is normally a benign noncancerous spot that is unlikely to cause any symptoms or health problems.

Several other types of spots and bumps can also appear on your penis. Some mole-like spots may need treatment, so getting a medical evaluation is always recommended. Depending on the health risks involved, surgical removal or laser treatment may be possible.

For many benign spots or bumps, you may be better off living with them as they are. Along with moles, the other most common type of skin spot is a freckle. Freckles tend to be lighter and flatter than moles, which are usually darker and slightly raised. Freckles are small clusters of melanin. They may come and go depending on your exposure to the sun. Freckles also tend to be harmless. Papules are small, rounded growths that are white or pink.

These benign bumps tend to appear in a row or double row around the head of the penis. They are, however, permanent. No treatment is necessary, but if their appearance is bothersome, laser therapy can remove them.

This procedure may cause some slight scarring. Fordyce spots are tiny white or yellowish bumps that can develop on the head or the shaft of the penis. Fordyce spots are a type of sebaceous gland. These are small skin glands that produce the oily substance sebum used to lubricate skin.

Laser treatments, electrosurgery, and other procedures have been used to treat Fordyce spots. Tyson glands are also tiny forms of sebaceous glands. These round, whitish bumps tend to form on the frenulum, which is the elastic section of skin that connects the foreskin to the penis.

Tyson glands are benign and require no treatment. Some cosmetic procedures, including laser therapy, may be appropriate. Angiokeratomas are small growths formed by dilated blood vessels. These benign growths can appear on the head of the penis, as well as the scrotum and around the groin area. They may be removed with treatments, such as laser therapy or cryoablation, a procedure that uses extreme cold to destroy unwanted tissue.

Your lymphatic system is part of your circulatory and immune systems. It helps to manufacture and deliver white blood cells to areas of the body fighting infection.

It also carries substances filtered out of your bloodstream, such as plasma. The fluid that travels throughout the lymphatic system is called lymph. A lymphocele is a small collection of lymph that forms when there is blockage in the lymphatic system. This blockage causes lymph to spread into surrounding tissue. Lymphoceles are small bumps under the surface of your skin. Lymphoceles tend to disappear on their own after a couple of days. If they linger, see a doctor. Certain topical creams or medications may help.

Skin tags are small, raised growths on the skin that are usually found around the eyelids, neck, armpits, and groin. They usually form as you get older. Skin tags are typically benign, though you may find them unsightly. A skin tag is made up of collagen, a type of protein in your skin, and blood vessels.

They can be removed with a variety of cosmetic procedures. Genital warts are bumps that form on and around your genitalia. You can get genital warts from skin-on-skin contact with someone who has the virus. However, it can sometimes take weeks or months for warts to appear after being exposed to HPV. Cryotherapy, medicinal creams, and electrosurgery are all proven treatment methods. To lower your chances of contracting HPV, use a barrier method like condoms or dental dams when having sex.

Molluscum contagiosum is another highly contagious virus that leads to bumps on your skin. Small collections of flesh-colored bumps can appear on the penis or anywhere that comes in contact with infected skin or even infected clothes or towels. Cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen to freeze the bumps , laser surgery, and treatments with trichloroacetic acid may be used to remove them.

Molloscum contagiosum can sometimes disappear without treatment, but it can take months for the bumps to vanish. Scabies is caused by little mites that burrow into your skin and lay their eggs there. The result is a reddish, raised bump that itches and is very contagious. Scabies usually appear in the armpits, thighs, breasts, penis, buttocks, elbow, waist, and in the webbing between your fingers. Two commonly used topical treatments for scabies are permethrin cream and malathion lotion.

The lotions and creams are applied to not only the area with bumps, but also the rest of the body. Syphilis is a potentially serious STI that can cause open sores to form on and around your penis in the early stages of the disease. A rash can form on your torso as the disease progresses. If syphilis progress to its later stages, it may not be curable.

Most penile cancers start as skin cancers. The most common is squamous cell carcinoma, which usually develops on the foreskin or head of the penis. This is a slow-growing cancer that can often be cured if diagnosed early. The first sign of skin cancer of the penis could be a change in the shape, size, color, or texture of a mole, or the appearance of a new mole or wart-like growth. A key part of healthy skin care is routinely inspecting your body for changes in existing moles or other spots.

You should also look out for new bumps or changes in or underneath the skin of your penis, scrotum, and around your genitals. Never pick at a bump or spot on your penis. It could cause infection or scarring. Skin irritation and other complications may occur. You can start with your primary care physician or see a urologist. A urologist specializes in the urinary tract and the health of male reproductive organs.

These are common concerns, and ones that urologists deal with every day. Put aside any embarrassment you may have, and make an appointment soon. A halo nevus is a mole with a white ring around it. Learn more about what causes it and whether or not it increases your risk of skin cancer.

Pimples can develop anywhere you have pores - including your penis. Here's how to distinguish a penile pimple from other bumps and how to treat it. It isn't unusual for moles to disappear without a trace. Here's why it happens and when to be concerned. Genital skin tags and genital warts look alike, but they're two very different conditions. Here's how to tell the two apart, how they're treated, and…. Black spots on your scrotum are often caused by a condition called angiokeratoma of Fordyce.

Here's what you need to know. In some cases, red spots on the penis may result from minor irritation and disappear in a day or two. Red spots that develop as a result of something…. About 1 out of every 10 Americans has at least one atypical mole. The more of these moles you have, the greater your risk of developing melanoma - the….

Fractionated coconut oil is different from regular coconut oil, and it has several health benefits and uses. This article provides a detailed review…. Kidney stones are a common and painful health problem. However, these 8 dietary strategies can help make sure you don't get another one. Is This a Mole on My Penis? Other spots More to know Takeaway Moles.

Other types of spots. What to look for. Talking with your doctor.