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Ahd unworthy apprentice sissy writing this has written You many times asking for help. This sissy is with You now for off and on years and slowly but surely she gets Your program and discovers her true nature. She re-attached the leash to my collar and led me inside. Dare I hope that she had bought something for me to wear? I just wanted to express my admiration for you. I wanted to thank you for the insight into TransGendered Persons. A strap went between the harness and the cock ring which pulled my cock and balls upwards. When I was through with Stinky panty stories and photos dishes she came in and led me to the couch where she sat down. My wrists she secured similarly to the legs on the other Skirt leotards for girls of the horse.

Pizzaz lingerie casper. Discussion?

All the lonely people Pt. The Eden Project. Black Babes Porn 1 Playmates Tribute 12 When I finished spurting, she kept sucking until my cock got soft and began to pull back into my jock. No part may be reproduced in any form Stinky panty stories and photos explicit written permission. Youngest Photos. I realised I was staring and Stlnky without catching her eye. Glamour Milfs. Timid Young Girls. Photod Max Is adult watching TV in the family room and didn't see me as I came up from the basement and went to my room. We were divorced soon after pantty, and he moved to the west coast and pretty much out of our lives. Stinky ass K views. She knows what she wants and adores sex. Log in Sign Up.

I had been waking up with a sore back for the last month or so, and finally decided to get a new bed.

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I had been waking up with a sore back for the last month or so, and finally decided to get a new bed. I had my old one for almost 10 years, and it had seen more then it's fair share of hookers and drunken bbw's!

So, there we were in a harshly lit hotel suite. My sister Barb, our sons, Scotty and Phillip, the three family pooches, and I occupied a rather tacky room in a cheap hotel.

This is a print version of story Nasty stinky panties in Afghanistan by Sixteanine from xHamster. Nasty stinky panties in Afghanistan I was stationed in Afghanistan and lived in a tent village. It was dirty, sweaty, and a nasty hell hole. I worked closely with a female Captain who was in charge of communications. She was hot as fuck. Trying to maintain a professional relationship was a pain in the ass when every time I had to deal with her, I had a fucking stone hard rigid dick.

Her name was Ashley and I wish I could tell you her last name but I won't. She was a redhead with blue eyes and stood about 5" 6". Anyway, I worked 14 hour night shifts, 6 days a week. I would do my laundry at about a. One night, I went to the laundry tent to do my laundry and holy shit, Ashley was there stuffing here DCU's in the washer.

We exchanged pleasantries and professional courtesies and small talk about what was going on. I sat down on a wooden bench to wait for my laundry to wash and she asked me if I was going to be in the laundry tent while my clothes were washing. I told her that, yes, I haad nothing better to do. She asked me if I would watch her laundry while she went back to her tent to catch up on some paperwork.

Not a problem, I told her. She left and I sat there listening to the wiiiir of washing machines between smoking cigarettes outside the tent.

Before long, my laundry was done and ready for the dryer. I unloaded my machine and as I was transferring my load to the dryer, the washing machine that she had used beeped. I finished loading my uniforms into the two dryers and thought that it would be a nice gesture to load her washed gear into a dryer as well.

So, I did. While I was putting her clothes in the dryer, I saw her remaining laundry on top of the washer. A basket of whites. I couldn't help but look around to see if anyone else was in the tent. As I looked around, I sifted through her whites and felt something kind of rigid. I pulled it out and realized that this yellow pussy stained nasty pair of panties was in my hand. I mean, these things must have been worn for a week or more. So I'm standing there with this fucking All of my military training instantly came into play as I stuffed her panties into my pocket.

She walked over to where I was standing and I explained to her that I had put her clothes in the dryers. She was very thankful. She loaded her whites in the washer and added detergent. She started the machine as I stood sweating to the side. If she would have had a clue that her nasty pussy stenched panties were in my pocket, I would have been dead. Anyway, she sat down on the bench and I did so as well. We exchanged pleasantries and a few stories about home. Blah Blah Blah, our laundry was done and we went our separate ways in the middle of the night.

I went back to my tent and pulled those panties out of my pocket and looked at them under my small lamp. Those fucking panties were the crustiest, sexiest, nastiest smelling panties I have ever stolen. Every day when I got off work I would go to the chow hall for dinner and almost rush back to my tent and sniff those panties until I showered my chest with cum.

Every fucking night. I saw Ashley many times after that night and she always had an inquisitive look in her eye and a curious inflection in her voice. I think she knew that I was wrapping her nasty panties around my face every night jerking off to the smell of her overworked cunt. I still have them and smell her nasty pussy whenever I can! Subscribe 1. Published by Sixteanine. Fetish Masturbation.

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Mutandine della troia di mia moglie. Nasty wife panties. Dirty stinky Panties. More Girls Chat with x Hamster Live girls now! Comments 10 Spam comments 0. Please log in or register to post comments. If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. Good Story, I too ad some rather interesting experiences when I was stationed abroad with a few of my female officers and enlisted soldiers which some started out almost like yours, Dirty laundry. Wow a sexxy redheads used panties they truly are the holy Grail I would have kept them too.

What is it about smelly panties? It's frigging intoxicating - they should bottle that pussy smell. I get my stepdaughter's panties and I want to wear them like a hat all day smelling her lovely pussy. Especially My 25 Year Old Stepdaughters.

She always wears the same thong or G-string panty for 2 or 3 days before she changes them. I look for them right after she showers. Man her pussy odor gets me damn hard. Always mastubate with 1 in my nose and rub 1 on my cock and cum on them. Oh well shes too lazy to do her own laundry her Mom does them for her.

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Please understand that I am endeavoring to understand and resolve this mystery as many of you are. I loved the smell, and the taste of my son's dirty jock. The clientele were interesting; lots of what I guessed were single guys and backpackers and most were friendly and chatty. I pulled my panties to one side and touched my pussylips. So, there we were in a harshly lit hotel suite. I Love Hairy Pussy 55 Her black knickers covered most of her pussy hair but there was still some peeking over the top, leading up towards her stomach, her thighs rubbed at the top but her legs were strong and shapely with tight calves and toenails that were afforded the same attention as her fingers.

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We're getting sketchy reports from the midwest about One of Ours who was "busted" at work. Here's what one of our correspondents reports: I need to alert you to a story they ran with high profile I am not making this up. Shortly after the mention in Leg Show magazine, I received a snail-mail request for the print brochure from a guy in Minnesota.

In his note he casually mentioned that he has a large panty collection This is from Laura's Blog. She has graciously allowed us to reproduce it here. She earns our undying gratitude. Thank you, Laura! A lot of toddlers carry some sort of a security item like a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal Notes from Web Prowling: Don't know if you've gone to the "Panties" private room on AOL much, but from the research I've done there, the majority of guys visiting that room and I think that most of the females listed there Our resident psychologists provide an understanding perspective to your panty related questions and concerns.

Slip-of-a-Girl gets it! Go there! But come right back! I have discovered an additional element to my life-long panty fetish that I would like to share.

Please understand that I am endeavoring to understand and resolve this mystery as many of you are. My first awareness of enjoying panties came at a very young age when our baby sitter was Hi, I'm a 49 year old male, I have a healthy attitude towards women and as such, have been noticing them for a long time now.

One thing that has occurred to me over the years, is that they seem to wear progressively less clothing as time passes, except for occasional short I remember one day at Friday's when I saw Danette running her food outside to the patio area. When she would come down the steps, her black short skirt would balloon up and all of the flats people could see her white vanity fair briefs.

She tried to hold her I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate your site. My sister was about five years older than me. I always loved looking at her especially her ass. It wasn't huge but not When I was younger I occasionally visited my aunt's home which was the next farm over.

Occasionally I baby -sat their kids. For reasons unknown to me I once had the impulse to go thru the laundry hamper outside the bathroom door. I guess I found what I was looking All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Stories You never forget your first! Pictures Images from our collection or submitted by our viewers More pictures Christina gets what's coming to her! Transgressions Pt. A Free Vacation Ch. The Older Sister Ch. Consent Ch. Manners A young man is unwillingly introduced to gay tranny sex.

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Eating her lover's cum from my ex.


Back to galleries list. Comments Share. HGeez Panties says:. DSC by eliteredtracer. Photo removed Refresh. HGeez Panties says: superb ground in stain that surely smells wonderful. Kay Panties by Kay Komonori.

HGeez Panties says: love this big long stain from the entire length of the cunt. Knickers Noir by Jack Lawrence. Cotton bikini panties by silverpanties.

HGeez Panties says: created by a cameltoe. DSC by pantix. P by tiotophe tiotophe. HGeez Panties says: black lace is always hot. Nothing here yet. Add photos and videos.