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Stone ear lube plugs

In stretching, scar tissue makes future stretches more difficult and effects the aesthetic of your piercing. I love all Stone ear lube plugs the stones I received, each is unique in its own way. We do understand that measuring body jewelry in millimeters is not familiar to many people, so we have put together a chart that helps with the conversions. Gorilla Glass. Again, this method does not mean take bigger jewelry and simply shove it into your piercing. This includes the use of acrylic tapers, which cannot be adequately sterilized. In many cases, with visible modifications you will have to be smarter and try harder than everyone else to achieve the same goals. Canned sterile saline solutions are now the recommended product Senior flrida swingers body piercing use. We advise waiting at least a week before removing the jewelry carefully and after rinsing away any exterior buildup and cleaning the piercing and jewelry. The act of stretching a piercing is simply referred to Stone ear lube plugs "stretching," or having been "stretched.

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These are sized the same as circular plugs eat just pick your size and we will do the rest! All three pieces have one flat end and one convex end. We have two pieces available should you need a matching set! Mahogany pougs has a brown ulbe black spotted Stone ear lube plugs. Great to wear for sports. These exact pieces are still available! Might be interesting in a conch Long stone septum rods, hand carved by friends in Mexico! The above images with the wood grain background were not posted at life size. Drilled Stones We have a bunch of inexpensive semi-precious stone Stone ear lube plugs, cylinders, rods, and saddles. Our largest plugs available up to mm with either hand carved or laser pplugs designs. The biggest pair we've ever been able to make!!! A close-up at around 4X normal size of the face of one of the cherry quartz plugs is shown second, and with backlit sunshine shown third this one is not posted at life size. Click here to view an example of a Northwest Coast native American woman with a dentalium shell through her Laying hen chicks piercing.

They are polished to a smooth finish and double flared for a secure and snug fit.

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The fourth pair over have SOLD. Smaller sizes are listed first. The above images with the wood grain background were not posted at life size. Unusual Shapes. Most are in pairs, though almost all can also be sold as singles.

Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs. Categories

Engraved Wood. Our laser engraved wood plugs come in circular and teardrop shapes, circular goes as large as mm and teardrops as large as 50mm. Non Engraved Glass. We've carefully curated a range of glass plugs that can be worn for any occasion. Engraved Glass. Our laser engraved glass plugs come in circular and teardrop shapes, both available up to 50mm.

These beauties are designed to be worn with plugs. Giving you that sophisticated look whatever the occasion is! Ear Weights. Stand out with these statement pieces. Available in a variety of materials such as brass, stone and glass. From starter weights up to 40grams. Our most vibrant selection of plugs with both screwback and double flared options. Soft and squishy! An essential for any plug collection.

Great to wear for sports. Our silicones come in a large range of colours and styles. Everything from all our plug collections with a hole in it. All conveniently sorted into one place! Our teardrop plugs will give your lobe a unique look. These are sized the same as circular plugs so just pick your size and we will do the rest!

All our circular plugs in one place. It's clear with pink cotton candy streaky clouds of pinkness. At first I thought it was raspberry sherbet, but now I'm convinced it's watermelon agua fresca.

We have: opaque white quartz, and brown petrified wood with big flares. Dark Guatemala jade hollow ear plugs with large square carved front flares. These were just oiled before the image was created; beforehand they looked a little more dusty grayish green. While the top pair has sold, we have another pair that is almost identical, which is shown second photo not posted at life size.

The biggest pair we've ever been able to make!!! We often let the size of the raw materials dictate what they become.

In this case, we hand-selected the largest raw turquoise nuggets directly from the folks that mined it, and maximized the material while minimizing loss to make this huge pair.

The real deal! This is raw, completely natural turquoise that has not been dyed, stabilized, nor treated. They are probably dyed. What a deal! Order 'em before I change my mind Please click the larger image of the faces to view one of the other sides. Although these appear opaque when imaged using our scanner as posted in the 1st image above, they are gorgeously translucent when held up to the light.

The 2nd and 3rd photos are not posted at life size. Click here for yet another detail view. Although these appear opaque when imaged using our scanner as posted above, they are gorgeously translucent when held up to the light.

Ask for images showing this to be emailed to you if you are interested. This rare mineral is only found in one place on the globe, in Siberia! Beautiful Guatemalan jade plugs, hand-carved in Mexico!!! Note both flares are a bit larger than normal - even the backs - to offset the weight of the fronts.

Two views of the same pair is shown; the first is a direct scan, the other a photograph in sunlight. The central jade labret with carved spirals has SOLD. Mexican amber labrets! More Mexican amber labrets! Many have bubbles, swirl flow patterns, and dark spots of organic debris.

Note that 'round' and 'oval' refers to the cross-section of the shaft itself, not the backing disc. A photo of the front view is shown above in sunlight with woodgrain background not at life size ; front, side, and back view images are scanned and posted below at life size as we normally do them. We have two pieces of these sizes available should you need a matching set!

Three obsidian labrets with turquoise inlays and large oval backing discs. Front, side, and back views shown. Two snowflake obsidian labrets with oval backing discs.

We have two pieces available should you need a matching set! The following Pre-Hispanic jewelry can also be found on the ethnic jewelry of the Western Hemisphere page. The Aztec word for an obsidian ear plug was itznacochtli. Three views shown of this Guerrero, Mexico, pre-Hispanic obsidian labret. It has a tiny chip out of one side as shown.

Check out the range of sizes we have here - all subtle differences between these measurements but can make a world of difference if you are stretching gradually or can't quite seem to jump from 0ga to 00ga These are the types of tiny deviations from exact size that are typical in hand-carved jewelry, but we think should be noted and disclosed when bought and sold, rather than simply stating we have a wide tolerance and having you be surprised by the difference when an order comes in!

Long stone septum rods, hand carved by friends in Mexico! We do not usually carry stones as small as 8ga or 7ga as they are quite easy to break Dyed light purple and bright apple green jade solid cylinders. These have probably been dyed to enchance their color. The first image on the white background is a scan posted at full size, whereas the other images on the wood background are photos not posted at life size. Please see the wholesale page for information on quantity discounts. They all have a nice sheen, although it only shows up in the fourth piece of this particular image.

Aventurine available , poppy jasper available , or tiger's eye SOLD. This image is posted to show the variety that all stones in general, and our drilled poppy jasper in particular can have. From reds to pinks to grays to oranges These exact pieces are still available! We have many more solid long rods in various sizes and stones; most have one convex end and one conical end.

Sample stone rods include the following:. The two light green stones may be aventurine, or may be some other type of possibly dyed stone like marble? They are not soft like the yellow stones shown next. Only one piece has one convex end only - all the other sides are flat. The three yellow stones are made out of a very soft material, perhaps calcite.

All the light yellow pieces have a little flaking at all of their edges. All three pieces have one flat end and one convex end. Lots of red jasper rods with mottled and highly variable colors ranging from reds to pinks to salmon, with black, gray, white, and clear areas. Some of them have one flat and one convex end 6 pieces , while some have both ends flat 7 pieces.

Leopardskin jasper big hole beads aka long hollow cylinders could be used as dreadlock beads, too! The colors are mostly various shades of brown, but also range from salmon pinks to greys to white to black to orange. They are spotted, thus the leopard skin moniker. These have a neat texture to them, like very subtle lumps corresponding to the different minerals, rather than being polished glassy smooth.

Large serpentine cylinders are hollow, and are available in various sizes and colors. The above images with the wood grain background were not posted at life size. They are shown in 4 clusters, with two more light green clusters available not shown in these images. All have long lengths. Typical ones are shown above and below, but we have more that are not shown.

We have a comprehensive list of all the exact sizes of the pieces we have in stock, including outside and inside diameters, along with lengths. Just ask, or visit our Etsy page to view it. Typical examples also shown here. Shown in the 3rd cluster: Very dark red dyed? Examples are also shown here photo not posted at life size the left-hand piece of the two on the bottom row has SOLD.

These can be a bit weighty! These are referred to as the 5th and 6th clusters, although they are not shown in the group image. Hollow Siberian green jade cylinders. Color is a bit oversaturated in this image; they appear more like the images above it in hue. We have a bunch of inexpensive semi-precious stone talons, cylinders, rods, and saddles. Many were intended for beads and thus some shapes have tiny holes running through them, but their shape, finish, and material are perfect for stretched piercings and they have been carefully selected accordingly.

No custom orders are possible in these cheaper stone options, and these are available in the listed sizes only. Most are in pairs, though almost all can also be sold as singles. The stones may not be not right on a specific gauge measurement, as many are made in millimeters, but approximate gauge sizes have been listed. See the wholesale page for information on quantity discounts.

This size only! A word about these inexpensive stones and shipping, as these are some of our lowest-priced items: We have held out for years in regards to not having a minimum order. However, our rule is to not process orders where the shipping is more than the total of the products.

Thus, we do not ship out orders of just one pair of these. Please keep in mind it takes us time to process, pack, and ship each order, so we hope you'll find more goodies to include in your order so everyone is happy! Thank you for your understanding. The following stone plugs are solid and are not beads : CC 6ga to 5ga translucent pale agate tapers with mildly flared fronts.

Might be interesting in a conch This photo is not posted at percent. GG Stone talons. From the vault of things forgotten and unknown, we are pleased to bring you Black jade earweights!!! Yes, this is an old-school batch of Zoomorphic Body Designs jade.

This pair originally came in a wooden box, which needs repair. Please ask if you'd like it! Nepalese quartz crystal ear weights, shown on two different backgrounds. These are made in the Naga tribe keyhole tongpang style, but with stair-stepped edges, like the layout of a Buddhist temple, or yantra.

New serpentine stone round dragon keyhole weights! Orange brown with red this exact pair has SOLD, but we have more , or dark brown. Pale gray-green serpentine dragons with tails; some have orange-ish brown sections. These are modelled after ancient Chinese Hongshan culture pig dragon figures called zhulong.

Big jade claws with oval nail heads. The fronts look a bit like sunny-side up eggs or rounded nipples! These are also old Zoomorphic Body Design jade shapes made many years ago.

Ear Stretching Plugs & Tunnels, Body Jewelry, Unique Eyelets & Hangers – Arctic Buffalo

A plug sometimes earplug or earspool , in the context of body modification , is a short, cylindrical piece of jewelry commonly worn in larger-gauge body piercings. Because of their size—which is often substantially thicker than a standard metal earring —plugs can be made out of almost any material. Acrylic glass , metal , wood , bone , stone , horn , glass , silicone or porcelain are all potential plug materials. Plugs are commonly, and have historically, been worn in the ears.

They can, however, be inserted into any piercing. In order for a plug to stay put within a piercing, the ends of its cylindrical shape are often "flared out," or the plug is fastened in place by o-rings.

Combinations of these two methods may also be used. A flesh tunnel is a hollow, tube-shaped variety of body piercing jewelry. It is also sometimes referred to as a spool , fleshy , earlet , expander , or eyelet. A flesh tunnel is usually used in stretched or scalpelled piercings. Flesh tunnels are made in smaller gauges. However, the smaller the gauge the smaller the effect to see through the plug becomes. A person may choose to wear flesh tunnels instead of flesh plugs because they weigh less; at higher gauges, the weight difference increases.

Flesh tunnels may be worn with a captive bead ring or other object passed through them. Flesh tunnels are fashioned from a broad range of materials, including surgical steel , titanium , Pyrex glass , silicone , acrylic glass , bone , horn , amber, bamboo, stone, and wood. Flesh tunnels, like flesh plugs, may feature a decorative inlay or semi-precious stones. Some flesh tunnels have flares to keep the jewellery from falling out. If there are no flares, grooves may be cut near the edges to allow rubber or silicone o-rings to hold the jewellery in place.

The back of the flesh tunnel may also screw off. A flesh tunnel may also have an internally threaded backing, as externally threaded pieces can rip freshly stretched ears. Although flesh tunnels are often worn in the earlobe, other soft-tissue piercings such as in the nasal septum or nipples can be fitted with one of an appropriate length. During the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom , both sexes wore a variety of jewelry, including earplugs and large-gauge hoop-style earrings.

An earspool, or an ear tunnel, is an ornament worn inserted into the earlobe. They were particularly used among indigenous cultures of the Americas , including Mesoamerican cultures such as the Maya and the Aztecs. Their use could sometimes significantly stretch the earlobe. Inca men wore gold or silver plugs in the ears, which indicated their nobility. Their stretched piercings, which could reach the size of two inches, later inspired a Spanish nickname for the Inca people: orejones "big ears".

Ivory earplugs have been used by the Hmong people. Silver plugs, called rombin , are worn by Aka women. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Berkley Trade. Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt. Daily Life in the Inca Empire.

Greenwood Press. Harry N. London: Royal Academy of Arts. Body piercing. Lip frenulum Tongue Tongue frenulum Uvula. Anus Guiche Pubic Chastity. Draw plate File Hammer Mandrel Pliers. Gold Palladium Platinum Rhodium Silver. Carat mass Carat purity Finding Millesimal fineness Art jewelry. Categories : Body piercing jewellery Facial piercings Mesoamerican artifacts. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs

Stone ear lube plugs