Stories about gay bottom-Gay Male Stories

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Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

I do little dance, teasing him, I wiggle my ass in front of dick like a lap dancer. By delaying my orgasm I had the most Stries orgasm of my life. His dick was Stories about gay bottom far up me it drove me insane. Me on the other hand, I'm more slim. But by the look on Joels face I could tell that I did something wrong. That's why he was willing to Dick old riding me home every night even though I lived out of the way. By Bria Brown-King. I fantasized about what After being in the shower a few minutes I heard the bathrom door open.

Older person taking iron. Are you a total bottom? Tell us why!

I sbout he was ready to blow soon and wanted to finish me off. Jock Boy Stories about gay bottom. The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. Active tags. Kylie Wakes Up Ch. Black Nympho Ch. Bob told me to stand in front of him. As I wake I feel the Stoies of my cock pressed into the sheet under my stomach, vying for as much attention as the insistent pressure in my bladder. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Related Tags. Explore New Story. My fantasies started to get closer to reality once craigslist came along. When it was clear that he was close to blowing, he stopped and pull my head up, kiss me passionately with his tongue.

From sexual gratification and power play to medical reasons, the possibilities are endless.

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  • I stand six feet two and weigh around two hundred and ten pounds and am masculine and muscular.
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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. My first time as a bottom and with a tranny So this is the story about how I got my first experience being a bottom, and why it was with a tranny I was 18 and wanted to try being a bottom. For a long time I had experimented by myself at home with different things hair brushes handles, screw drivers handles, ping pong paddles handles etc I had the fantasy about sucking dick and getting fucked. I had been watching anal sex porn, gay porn and shemale porn for a long time, and always I thought the tranny porn was the best.

The idea of having a beautiful woman fuck me was very exiting for me. So this one night, I was jerking off and then i thought to myself "why not?

But the idea of having a man on top of me was not what I wanted, I didn't want to have sex with a guy, I just wanted to have sex with a cock. So the idea came to mind, Why not go for a tranny? Went on Google and searched for tranny escorts on my area, and to my surprise the market was huge!!! Beautiful shemales offering sex of course it was not for free, but who cares? I spent a few minutes checking and decided for this brunette, long haired, girly, big breasted and with a big dick shemale.

I dialed her number on my phone, but for some reason I had a hard time pushing the "Dial" key. Until I did. The phone rang a few times until a very sweet voice answered, she sounded sexy and friendly, we spoke for a few moments and I told her that I was looking for my first time, not only with a shemale but as bottom all together. She laughed a little, and told me to come over, that she had experience with "first timers" I jumped into the car and drove to her place.

Rang the door bell, it was an intercom of a building with no doorman; she opened the door for me and told me to go in. When I got to her apartment she was even more beautiful than the pictures. About my height 5'9" , big breasted, she was wearing a tight black and very short dress, showing all her curves.

Invited me in and we sat on the living room for a little while, gave a glass of water and we started chatting. She asked what my fantasy was, and I answered "I want to be bottom I want to do oral, and be bottom. I'm only afraid it may hurt a lot", she chuckled and told me "don't worry, it won't hurt. Come on, come with me" she took my hand and led me to her room. The light was dimmed, a big bed, it was quite high, on the TV was playing a porn movie, and I saw by the night stand a big bottle of lube, condoms and a roll of toilet paper.

She told me to get naked and that she will be right back, and left the room. I undressed, all but my boxers. When she came back she was no longer wearing the dress, she had on lingerie set We started kissing, very wet and passionate kisses.

I started touching her boobs and butt and she also was touching me, my cock was rock hard, she started touching it gently. She went down to her knees and lowered my boxers, I knew what was about to happen and couldn't be happier, she started sucking my dick like no one had ever sucked me before, it was awesome. She went on for a minute or so and got up, kissed me and whispered to my ear "your turn, get down to your knees". I was petrified. The moment I had dreamed about for so long it was about to become true.

It was a mix of feelings; I was scared but so much exited. I went down to my knees and stared at her, She chuckled again and said "touch me trough the panties, feel me", and I started touching her cock through her underwear, and just like in a movie started licking her through the panties.

It didn't take long until she pushed very gently my head back a little and took her panties off, and then I saw it for the first time, a dick that wasn't mine own.

I couldn't even move, she crouched, kissed me and took my hand. When she stand up straight she looked at me dead in the eyes and put my hand on her semi hard cock and told me "start getting comfortable with it, touch it, make me hard" and so I did, feeling it grow in my hand. When she was hard it was a gorgeous dick, 7. Then she told me "look at me and open your mouth" I was eager to start doing it, so I did as told and felt how she ever so gently started slapping her cock on my face very softly, on my cheeks, closing in to the mouth until she placed the head on my tongue and told me "close your mouth, take it in, be careful with the teeth" I close my mouth around it and started moving backwards and forwards slowly.

I was finally sucking dick. A few moment went by and they told me "use your tongue too", so I did, took it out to take a breath and jerked her for a second, then she lifted it and told me "you have to take care of them too" while gently pushing my head towards her balls, I licked them and sucked them, her moaning was getting louder and hotter by the minute. Then she pushed her cock back in my mouth, but no so gently anymore, she was getting into it and I loved it.

At some point she turned around, bend over spreading her ass cheeks and told me "lick my hole, eat me from behind" I didn't even questioned her or myself, just started licking that asshole as hard and wet as I could, her moaning was driving me crazy.

She turned around again, sat on the edge of the bed and enjoyed the blow job I was providing. Then she stands up and says "ok honey, it's time, get on the bed", suddenly I got very scared and was starting to second guess myself, told her "I think I just took a huge step forwards, I sucked your dick, balls and asshole I think is enough for the first time, I rather keep doing this until you cum".

She came to me, kissed me and said to my ear "you told me you want to get fucked and you're not leaving here until I have my way with your virgin ass, so climb up the bed and get on all fours" I was scared, but also fulfilling my fantasy, to be the "girl", the bottom.

I go on the bed and down on all fours and waited. Looked back and saw her putting on a rubber and taking the bottle of lube, she said "you'll feel cold, I'm lubing you up" and felt how she started touching my butthole. I was just waiting for it, on my knees and elbows. And then felt how she got on the bed, graved my by side hip on the felt and started passing her cock head through my crack, up and down, until she found the hole. She didn't penetrated me right away, she started playing with my ass, just pushing slightly and I was getting hornier by the second, until she said "ok, I'm going in" and I felt how she started going in and hurt a lot.

I jumped out and told her that it was too much for me, and I didn't want to go through with it. She told me "ok, let me try one more thing, it will help you, you'll enjoy it, trust me", I agreed. She told me to turn around and lay on my back, raise and spread my legs, she placed a pillow on my lower back to raise my asshole a little and they went to look for something on her night stand, she grabbed a normal size bottle of lube and said "I'm going to lube you also from the inside, I'll put in only the tip of the bottle and squirt lube inside, ok?

I felt the cold lube in my rectum, and how she started fingering me, I was getting more and more relaxed. After a few moments she came to me, kissed me and said "let's try again" as I felt her cock's head looking for my hole again. Suddenly I realized that I was spreading my legs and had a gorgeous shemale about to fuck me, so I relaxed as much as I could, closed my eyes and "took it like a man".. I felt how the head went in, and she started to push deeper and deeper until it was in completely, then came and whispered to my ear "there it is, your ass is not virgin anymore" and started moving in and out slowly.

Then I felt how she started going faster, but carefully. She lifted her body from mine, to hold my legs from the ankles and kept giving it to me that way, that's when I started hearing the "fucking" sound, that clapping. Then she jammed it all the way in and I released a strong moan, I didn't hurt or maybe I was just to exited to feel the pain.

At that point she went crazy fucking me, strong and hard, I could hear the clapping strong I was enjoying it, then she slapped my ass and I moaned in pleasure, and she said "ohh, so you like being spanked? I'm going to spank you, you dirty slut", jammed her cock as deep and hard as she could and spanked me strong, I was in bliss and answered "yes, keep doing it".

I cummed but didn't told her, I wanted her to cum too, so I kept taking it. Then she stops ramming me, gets off of the bed and says "I'm about to cum, get to your knees and make me cum". Quickly I got down and started sucking her cock, until she took it from my mouth. I started jerking it hard and said "keep your mouth open, I want to cum in your mouth" so I did, I look at what was going on and saw a beautiful big breasted woman jerking her gorgeous cock and about to cum in my mouth, and I started cumming again, then she moaned hard and said "I'm cumming" and I felt the hot cum on my tongue and mouth and her cumming face I was in heaven.

Then she said "Don't swallow, I want to see you first. Show me", I started showing her the cum on my tongue like in the movies and she said "you look hot, now you can swallow", so I did. She told me to go clean myself in the bathroom and get dressed.

Gave me a kiss goodbye, I paid her and left. And that's how I my first time as a bottom was. Hope you like it The End. Rate This Story :.

Best Friends Become Lovers Ch. My heart was pounding the entire time and I kept thinking to myself - "Dan, are you really going to finally do this? Related Tags. I Need a Man Young man needs to experiment. Forced Ch. Bathhouse Experience Being Fucked Hard After undressing and wrapping a towel around my waist, I went downstairs in the gay sauna for some hardcore cruising. He heard my audible gasp, and stopped for just enough time for me to catch my breath before he resumed his thrust inside of me.

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom. Table of contents

The Wrestling was the Climax A man gets taken at the end of a wrestling match. The Hanky Code Pt. Assuming the Position Ch. Thugs Break In Black student suffers attempted robbery and more. Decadent Sin Ch. The Undress Rehearsal Dereck wouldn't agree to it, then they all looked at me! Second Time My second time as a bottom. Black Nympho Ch. Two Doing it with One Two friends fuck a bottom teen. Roger Fucking My Ass Tale of two bisexual men: one black, one white.

Puff Adder Pt. Saturday at the Cement Plant What do you do when you find out you're the bitch? How I Became Gay Super-curious man learns he's a gay bottom. Pleasure's Ordeal Ch. Daddy's Boi Ch. Pederastic Eromenos Pt. Switch Hitter Ch. Shy Guy Virgin ass gets dominated. Top or Bottom Ch. On the Job Training Straight guy decides being a bottom is where it's at. I said, "nice to meet you, I'm Dan". After the beers arrived, I drank mine rather quickly as I was fairly nervous.

He nursed his and spent what seemed like an eternity making probing conversation. He asked if I still slept with my wife - which I still do and enjoy - and wanted to know why a masculine guy like me wanted to know have a submissive experience. To be honest, I didn't have a good answer to that, other than I have always had strong m2m urges since childhood, and knew that sucking cock and mutual hand jobs just weren't enough.

I also told him I had never bottomed and wanted to be instructed by an experienced partner on how to be a submissive partner. I added that my hook-ups only occurred about once every year.

Bob told me that he still loved his wife and had periodic sex, but that he had developed a relationship with a buddy back home also married in Alabama. Their wives were friends, and that he fucked his buddy regularly. In a very matter of fact way, he then told me that I was much better looking and in better shape than his friend back home. After paying the paid he said, "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you when we get upstairs". He then got up and started heading to the elevators.

I followed like an obedient puppy dog. While we were taking a ride up with other hotel guests, I kept thinking to myself "what if they knew I was going up to a room to be fucked by a total stranger? When the doors opened, we took what seemed like a really long walk down his hall way to his room. My heart was pounding the entire time and I kept thinking to myself - "Dan, are you really going to finally do this? That was my first m2m kiss, he must have noticed my surprise, and told me that my mouth would be touching more than his tongue in a few minutes.

Bob then ordered me to undress and put on the hotel robe but to leave it open so he could see my body. I did as he told me. Once undressed, I walked into the main area of the room to see him still fully dresses sitting in an arm chair.

Bob told me to stand in front of him. Again, I did as i was told. Bobs eyes never left my cock which was already standing at full attention, pre-cum forming on the tip. After about a minute of his admiring gaze, he told me get on your knee, undo his belt, open his jeans and see what will be occupying my mouth and ass for the evening. When I popped open his pants, I could see he didn't have on underwear and his cock was already hard. At that point he reminded me to not touch my cock while I serviced him - specifically he ordered, "I want you to be begging to cum before I am finished with you.

I then pulled his jeans down just enough to release his full package. Bob asked if I was a good cock sucker - I said "I think so, He said he would be the judge. Bob then grabbed my head and aligned my mouth near the base of his 7 inch cock and said - "lick the shaft, but don't you dare take the whole cock in our mouth until I tell you".

Obediently, did as was told. He remarked that I had the potential to be a great cock sucker. I touched his balls gently as instructed, and pretend that his cock was a lollipop. After a few minutes to told me I was now allowed to suck his entire cock. I couldn't wait to get that head in my mouth and taste the pre-cum that had formed during my shaft licking.

That action received the highest praise so far I was on my knees for about ten minutes during which time he instructed me to go fast, then slow, then lick his balls.

I obeyed every order and loved every minute of his firm instructions. I could see he was edging and getting more excited. When it was clear that he was close to blowing, he stopped and pull my head up, kiss me passionately with his tongue.

After a quick tongue dance he said with a grin "Are ready for your next lesson? I initiated the kiss this time and told him "thank you for taking charge". He responded that he would tell me exactly how a submissive bottom should act. Bob took my hand and walked me to the bed, and pulled the bed spread back. Without prompting, I got on all fours with my ass pointing toward the corner of the bed.

He went to the night stand, got some lube and a condom, and squirted the lube in his hand. Soon there after I felt cold lube on the bud of my ass. The feeling of his fingers working my ass made my cock tingle and dance in anticipation. He knew I was a virgin and that it would take some time to prepare me.

He masterfully worked one finger then to and then three. It felt different to anything I have ever felt or experienced. Once the initial shock of having something enter my ass had subsided, I began to really enjoy the massaging feeling of having my ass opened and prostate probed.

Once it was clear that I was getting. Bob told me that he wanted me to feel his cock impale me completely. I laughed and blushed at that comment, but told him I really felt like a horny virgin about to be taken. Never a truer word has been spoken about the experience I was about to have. Bob pushed my legs up so that my knees were on my chest and positioned himself next to me to spoon.

For the next several minutes he rubbed his cock up an down the crack of my ass, occasionally pushing his head into my eager bud. At the end of this intense foreplay I was begging him to enter me.

His positioned his cock head and finally push into me just enough so that I had the intense pain being violated for the first time. He heard my audible gasp, and stopped for just enough time for me to catch my breath before he resumed his thrust inside of me. Before I knew it, he cock was completely inside of me and I felt for the first time a complete feeling of fulfillment. That is when real fun started. His cock started to piston my ass slowly and then quite fast.

My moaning spurred him on. He kept up a rapid commentary with several colorfully phrases like "you really like that cock in your ass" to "that moaning is getting even harder and is only going to get louder" to "I'm going to fuck you like the bitch that you are".

He then got on his back and asked me to mount him. The best part for me was seeing his eyes and having him touch me while I slowly rode his cock. After I put his cock back into my ass, I moved down to kiss him and rhythmically move my ass onto and off his cock while tonguing his mouth.

'Total bottoms' open up about why topping is just not for them (NSFW)

From sexual gratification and power play to medical reasons, the possibilities are endless. To add even more complication to the equation, there can also be a spectrum of different types of bottoms. These include passive, submissive, oral and power bottoms, just to name a few. It feels like an overall better experience for me. Nathan Cruz and Preston Cole. Photo: RandyBlue. I would probably say that I just stuck with the position I began my sex life with.

Then I feel awkward, especially if they are really enjoying it. I sometimes want to top but I never have with him. I never came when I topped. I prefer to bottom because, frankly, it feels better. The prostate is the g-spot for males, so it makes sense to like having it hit during sex. It causes me to orgasm and makes my orgasms more intense. Zane Porter and Brandon Foster. Photo: Randy Blue. Apologies to iOS and Safari users, but you may be unable to comment due to an ongoing issue with Facebook.

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NSFW - This article may contain content of an adult nature. Take me away.

Stories about gay bottom

Stories about gay bottom