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Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana

Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana

Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana

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Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana

Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana

Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana

Vanity department store in monroe louiaiana. About Belk

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They indicate precisely the ei teiA of oor power and the force of our at- Much as the diapoiitioo ii to be despised io Itaelf, its occasion is valuable and sucgeitixe. It points not only to our tucxess,. The party or the indixidual that wears an habituk!

I that ia eeer compiaininc or q 'arrelaoiue. The radical cause is [ neither safe nor strontr in such keepine ' It is on tbe wane. It is xoini; down hilL ' It does not feel comfortable or satifruine. The abuse of tbe. We like it. It is true that we have an old fashioned cordiality of detestation foi our enemies, hut just now we rather ' despise than detest them for their abuse onvinces us not only that we are strong, uut that we are right.

Uur ways indeed lie in separate directions and we shall , only consider our course tbe surer and pla. They ussare ui that we have friends all over tbe land life- lorg friends new iouad friends friends , wbo respect ui for what we have been friends who ar.

Iriends indeed. There it no sign of iu coming yet There ' it arcund ut and aoout as tbe old din of I battle and crack of puiketry along tbe , entire line. Tbe drams rattle. The dags r wave There will he skirmishes on the ' ontposts presently. Millions of Democrats are mustering for the fray.

I We feel that the prospect is bright and J clear. We must dash upon the f-c, like. That he was an ardent con- iheTnion life for the Cr,n8litotion, life for repu liian government.

We owe it to our manhoed lo drive back radicalism into its lair of hatred and revenge. We owe it to bun. The foot of the black man is cn tbe white man's nei k; and the tarv dictator of the country. Now that Mr. Coifiix repoit. That he was a. This iturc to take it ffi' ;or a military dict. The Lafayette speech of Mr. Colfax, which we published in the of riaturday. Colfav is lo be iielieved, and j General Cu. Cciles tells us what his parly will ,! This is the solitary instancein hu h'.

Il is not ourpruvin. If it does require an ait of Congress to enaiile the judiciary to accomplish the desired end, we have no GEO. Kaysville Cotton Yarns, Batting, Twine, iic.

Colfax, acknowledging his indej! Duncan excep- District, says, referring to his election to nan. It is therefore not impossible that! Agrarianism is really hut the ,. Ilul i l. Then i we have sutiicienlly sampled the speech, i we proUbly have herein the explanation ; We now hand il over to our readers for I of the nauseous flummery with which i what they may think that it is worth, you ply your party.

It is not to be j And we beg to make the same di. Mr Colfax thus explains bit omission to discuss the iaiues of the canvass Allaiis ill l. I baiidsome a fortune it may be fur an inji- : vidual lo possess. I Whatever may be the letter of the law, 1 the spirit of American magnanimity will!

If the 1 nited States were to estah- : li. Xo ,,ll kulkriMlkk. Nv k aMl. I Principal. Q, Ijcut d lo 1 ur. JoMoraaaaill MallrMMl. Tbe last one re I ported occurred at. White I h:. Sev- I iisvF irii ibsi w u. M L1FF 4. H as removed hi. McD-iwell B! M Firai m. A Cbtoaco. M flyrrnd XaonyilW. M mpbka A Naw Offlaooa. M Ir'irai Laiiaatoa FranaU'r.

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ROAS uira. W and alter Srpt. ViM F. IhA A. Aftiva at MatM! Maaa villa Mra a r fc irala laavaa. Threats like this are the common, lory to all. Colfax habitual re. It was adopted in from attempting to acquit himself as a New Oi leans on the night before the late statesman by tbe fear of making a black uegro procession in that city. A negro one White scalawag has a ptace, will ever,. E-A Leuuiilul liuilaiiiir while the present state of things exist.

N, 4 III. Cauipbvijsk W '-. Howeverdhiiiia rellec- high in cRice, one of the leading negroes k'lrKNc v. He gf the State, made a public address to his kDowihii own weakness beil, flod. We in fact accept it. Anything to ' ii. Alabama, and Mississippi, lie- X. YHOiC f. We leave the la- , may choose to make, refuse to accord to mented snowman to take care of his j him any privileges or concessions he may own. The particular language in which choose to demand, give him lo under- Mr.

Colfax has clothed the stolen thought j that he shall not with impunity vio- ofthe inimila'ule defunct reminds us of a , Ute whatever rights of personal property speech which one night during the war he likes, say to him that he shall not 'near we beaid delivered from the steps of the! This rebellion, ex uraightwsy faggot and match are got io claimed the excited orator and patriot, reajiuess for prompt service.

TO DA V. HU vrx. AI j;or KKI. Colfax says cur counu-y owes its life. Colfax crimes, as Ihe devil and his imps are sa straightway taggot and match are got in i M-w- iimuii. Ue reeog- ' P As for the white ' ,. The negroes are VVb. Rousseau in New er. The u t;alcoiidit. W ING.

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That is to w. Itousseau was not sent to I of y. The turd will not i win. I It wflg of course to be expected that Mr. WbeHlIial iDHlitulioa. I'-fl 1 Miiiii St.. WIIOl I. He Inv. VNNEtvS on ' ' jurtiie-u. Dhlt Rauk aud? U Jay. A case is set for trial to-day in the 1. It thus w. IS well known.

J " all pievious oncni ei. L two centuries i 11 was no war measure at all. Alpaca Poplins, j Empress Cloths,! Third mod Kuurib. In pur-u. J,— -. Ol flU-: OK t. R w otiina to au n l tbe an- imal ii. Re4 e. March Jl. AOt i. Vene P. Wa:: o. Gay, J. PreaiD'e, Uuam HeaaJeraoa. Flnzxofii ca? For lae treaiaaeot ot ePH CI. Price is.

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Ilka a man- , to lead ii. I don't hltme Colonel ' and a Mr. His defeat at the I'l iversiir. Seville, Itailltai Ct-arp tera dira, as men of letters w. Inonrday, aact. Calture mty ct be BO high with na aa it wat with the ge which produced Barm and Mjo- igne: — that ia, colt are of theacba. The prtaent form of expression in lUer- lute baa gonson pertreting and exhaust- t:g itaelf ontil to "steal with judgiuent," of-tbe-wcrld, who ia not afraid to apaak, but who speaks to the rationailam of men and woman of the world, and speaks by exami.

If his riestiona are at best but pup- pets, they yet stand tor real men and iK. Neither do I blame J:e Scfiley. Hia infatuation for Reeky was the l est part of blm; the only touch Ilf grate in that big fat body of bia.

Who can wcxiler st the iiifluence she acquired ever It: lie Hmiiiy? Becky Sharp to the mied's eye ia aa real aa. Mthoiigh John. For a large peri of the t u. Many ol Madtid. He received r.

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It it a gallery m wu. They speak, too, in a way that we cannot re- ust. St line to fire. Duels wete also toler- were also preteut, all of them being mem- could so contrive matters as to get herself church at Walnut Grove, wlih the inten lien ol renewing the ditliculty with I. St lin e to fire. Duels wete slso toler- nl Iv f- ii nu n dining Ihe latter part ot Ibe'ltevrlntionary war. Rut it rules the I loeaiiio.

But I found citemenl, ot ccuree, v. Tn- their l-are enumeraliou would oc-upy too , murderer escaped on a nian-of war then tert-sied in it, and I egged liim to read it niind of Isaliella aa completely as if she othir The Leegs then Mrr.

He promised to do go, and. They Iheii sought out tl an halt Ihrni. Jetl'etaou smiled, French army under Vendame, to tik. Charles II. Kin- years have elapsed since her progenitor, fire l el 1 noina. Jef- the realm which she now has lost. Jef- firsoii admin d Illackstone as a writer. I have therefore made a ae- , ;n Ihe harbor, and died iu France, after but could not liear hi.

A bundrinl and sixly-elghi another man by the I'. Having ex- the realm which she now has lost. His h. Ud their revolvi rvhey weiepursued ; acr. George Thatcher, a Hepre- and show ua what it ia witiioul aoi. Blount, of Tennessee, for singed but purified. That Thackeray studied and admired the literatore of Anne's reign, and that which grew immediately out of it, ia ITt'T. George Thatcher, a Kepre-. Blount, of Tennessee, for in I'lT between the late P.

Cok - in lsi7 between the late P. Cok- ill Ihe ejec'ion of his descendant waa bia favorite, srd he thought that no bring about resul, a as lamentable? Ilvi- uue could b? H auuiiU lawyer who was detlly that descendant herself believes by the latter. Ihe eighteenth century. Fvi- there being five or six huodred men un- detlly that descendant herself believes der arms— aud it was with the greatest that this will be Ihe case, and upon that dimculty that thev could be restrained.

Mr, Blount I', was ehol in the elliow, which oc- versity Library. It upon the wbo. Ii was but over to Ihe civil autboiitiee, to he dealt the other day, indeed, that the Count of with according to law. And thus tbs Girgenti, a younger brother of the ex- matter etetd when our inlormant left. Senator town talk of the day. It is, rrce of tbe Cockney School or tbe Like Maseachusetls. His greatest ob'igation, bow- ihe effort to be onginal has produced eyer, ia due Ir- a trio of very diss.

He adored bielding; be ah- rrt eccentric is too often common-piaoe. It was the result of a polit- ct Lamb. Siutbern States to this conc'usion. They are publicly accused ot being jay-hawk- nt, bouse- ssy that the romantic idea is exbe.. St- whimsical, wise, and overll i wing humor near the tame place, when Mr.

Wnite, i aite Bide cf hia leg, Mr. Hpecial I. It wl. Spanish question can be human. N ouic pi ieoii and interests. Tbe militia that are being organ- lz d with tbe avowed purpose of preaerv- tic.

Uer uken to m by a kind o, natural instinct,. F'or a geueTntion. Tne dlflerenca between Thackeray and Sierne iaa difference of breeding, not ot mental Colllna, TroUo ia. Nature made sentimental- snd Hamilton tcok place in July, be de- tails of which, and the intense excite- ment it iccaaioned are too well known to require repeating.

In Jamrs C. McKie challenged Wm. They had baggagei were neatly dressed, aud in apoearancs re- bcu. And nothing it more certain than ing the jeace and enforcing a dueobssr- thst Ihe tiight ot Isabella will be tbe vacce ol the laws by tbe people, are be- sigLal for a seiies of the most varied coming the inatigaiors and foaterera of all and inconceivable intriguee around the imperial throne in Paris, F'ortunate- Iv or tbe Peniotula and for the peace of Fuiope, we may believe that Napoleon k.

To be eure Cbarlm D. They exchanged two or made hree shou, acd both were a. He it not BO gushing certainly as j iwean Mr. MiDuffie, for many years a matter. In DT.. Treanor rhaUenged Pat- rick D. Sterne, who made a toast at wall as a member of Congress from South Caro- in hi nc-r ot tbe birthday of T.

Thera is ao new i ance of some cne particular goddows. The coo- i took up peine to restrain himself. Thack- lina, and Col. Cumming, look placv this , er. Li-gal prectediuga put an end to the Tbe former received severe. The papsra of theday were filled III March, l? Thecoo-I took up pains to rastrain himself. McDuffie's wouud, though , Count de Leon. The latter claimed to to. IdOuis reasoted o.

Ha ia net rommonly thought to I for Oen. Komnlua M. Bandera, a iw. V ludy member of the House from North we cauDot toreaea. Wright, o aatha foondaiion atoa. Fdward F'. On sclution of the. He reeled and fell, grasping in i the F'rench i :mFeror. HU face Tlir was' badly bruised. Jessup and! Messrs, ilardle aud Brownaon were nti — tbe street aud ran to bis aaaiatauue. They r. We warn tbe redlcals that there is a I liirit to all things, and they should be careful not to overstep tbe bounds of all - human!

We call the atteo- tlcn of bis excelleDt-y to these facia. Tbirash oat-. Sit peal. SDO'il paper, wbi- Itbe rr-oe. Tbe preper-iea at of KHUbeta opraioa lu iba South. Tbe prep-r-na of 'ae V. If -,-ow-aaMaB a bulVr'.. X-i eOh-lyla to tbe I,. On H credit o!

A well-dresaed, easT-talking, gen-. AAd remiAdH A? ArHI A.. Wright, who aaidv'Ming Ohio, sent bim a challange, which waa ds- , l altlea of the. Wright, who aaid,'oeiug finally killed al Gettysburg.

Some ten V. It was j an original, a Iresh and Ufa- like view ofao- j nety; and beoet its aztreordloary sne- oeaa. Da put Iba pratty banble in his Land, fie bad nearly reaefaed bis iorti- 1 eib year, a good ags in this eoneuy, w here if a man bava anything in him it I is gene, ally developad bv tba time be is.

It placsd him along- 1 u de of Dickena, tbe moat famons writar ; ol fietton of the age; and the well earned! II iumph came to bim at that period whaa j iicotea must hast baan niost dear to hia j been. They are not sentimenlal, but merely tender aud acrrowful, as childhood is ten- der, ss want is aorrowful. There were stirring times in Congress duriog the whole of John juincy Ad- in the tegular army, and in command of a company of soldisra stationed at a re- mote miuisg settlement iu.

Alarm was given and physicians called. Tbe n an was couveyed to another room, sed socu gave token of abundant vital- ity. He Inr-.

HENllV X to.. Wright was one of tbe ablest supinrtera. The result can best be inferred from H and Tristam Bnrges, ol Rhode Island, 'he reply of a stage driver, who, having u;.

Ue changed cars at teen years ago be went to MadiMn. If his friend scalpuiar, girdle, and sandals, wimple. The swindler then draw that time. At this point. Trurntnll and Kershaw Baker say. Judge Wright afterwards we find It wbenerer Amelia oomee on, or asaumed tbe editorial chair of the Cincin- love it approached. Cross land, which was performed with every arjunct of Imposing btauty which primi- tive ritual could leod to tbe celebratiou a portion of the way.

A short time be- fore reaching Monroeville, while the two men were erjojing their cigars in the of the divine mviteries. Vet, it ia full ot tba geatlset and moat geeerona views of life. He is surely very kind and leader with Ame- lia, end he grows even aaercital to Raw- perwith great ability for ten or twelve aijd a miner. It was tben noon; they years.

Tbair euddeo- neea and splendor confnae and dazzla the mercy to her. It hat always toen a won- der to me that some one did not antici- pate Btcky 8harp— that she remained ao uoLd. A reconciliation waa ffected and all partita, pr ncipale, tecords, and aurgeors, lock breakfast to- getler, at the minsion of a Mr. Andrews, cn wtone grounda they were fighting, and wbo weas spectator and InviieJ them bile 6'im fo. Baker says he has known Miss. Vmanda C.

When he lost bia place great Virginia statesman. Her ornaments being taken off, she hfr- rascal, who gave in exchange the worth 8. A few personal remiuie- turned tome. The girl went lo live in token of having renounced the vanities ot tLe world.

Oh arriving at Monroeville tbe swind- ler got tfl the care and strolled atout the pUtloiui. She wss immediately led by tbe Mother with bim. Tbe poor 'ellow tben relate i the circumstances ae giveu in tbie sketch. W JrnSiu. Jk Co.. HpACtAl or C. FlBfo nut! Tfcr and T.

I soLmn. Tbe Feltbam nuns ate en- He b;d coeirlvad somehow lo wemat. During the on, and U may to doubted if there , , b. He waa a Wehb ia now the American Miniai. FriAc-; a. Tbe Feltbam nuns are en- wife of Rawdon Crawley? He was certainly not a model of a b. He waa a Tbe deed caused Sira t excitement. During the moody Ktiiii Ihe Hemltrouii Tei 1. W eckly Georgia Telegraph. Jefferson be-. She waa not proud of him— bow conld she to?

She woe not food of bim, tor be was dull and uncongenial. It wat ungenerous of ber not to divide even with bim wben ne wee In need of money. Thenewspapersthrewoonsidera- b. Afterwards, I saw him frtquently riding along the F sleru Flange, as it is called, 09 which I bad a room, eometiiiiee on horseback, and once or twira in a Onidaw, accompanied by bis life,.

All was in vain. At a little arrang. TIG house is ihe only strictly cloistered ditd. If you are not good and kiLd. Barter lo be clnmay, like liobbin, tbaa to be a Oforge Otborae. Sbaddooand Mr, Ellictt in re'erence to an e tate. X I w Auiifu. Gil- Mr. McCorkle, both members ol Congrew of the university. In addition to what we have stated wa ihlrtT pecae dUtance. He was also a. I - There were sue picions wbi. Tuere will be a Cbristendom may to healed by bim, who hones of FllHott, some distance of, first.

William M. Weightman, a delegate from Geo. J War, was at that time only thirteen yesra. Sharp; aud that be found her, wha we qh,n. Gessner Harrison, He was one tn tact, age i,. The statement we have should he directed to the Very Rev.

FlMah were. B , Benedictine house but without finding them. The tram gai. I will refer to! Would she not o couple of them. Fpontbisaome I nmi of Ibe party shot Hayden Phillip. Dress aiil CMI Makini. U pram ix th'. The Urisi chsptt-r of the new revolution In SpMiu, it would fteeiii, has beeu cloaed. The train buckshot faking effect. Kiiio e. If there should be JS. Aad A. Wat lad J. I think so, and I maks bold U say a kind word lor poor Btcky, wbo was oeitainly unfurtunats.

Imsginfcry affront at an evening party. When tbe servant, who acted as cirsrone on tkn which warrants the belief the gov sceiegthe train stop, were attracted to tbe spot.

They all, ol ourse. I jtuL. Da you think old - would have beeo willing to risk In June. U-:S6, Danial M.

F'rarcia 8. Burwell had, no doubt, heard 1 mention ILi little incident to show wbaftver appears to have been made. Tfeouoaa Sewoouao, we kuow, U ueppy now; ud let ue beliere that FiihBl uod Clive wure happy too, Bfturkllthuir boeu lees rode to bur.

Ml' pr! I,' imiount. Pi ipoiwUKir larni. I at AtehapaTMokile. So elan. I'apo, UimhIh and OptTi! JHk im!? Cofli y, PreaidruU W. Duilaud, TntMuri-r. Capital, 95UO. Wavm conuti-S, iMlatkr. CiiBib rland t'onnlv.

Xsitaatiil ou H. I, llnati'd ui r. I uiiil'i " l:iiij iiier. I Ml-,. K' tbi- itiiiouiitoi lamli to i,. Tlif jr aro itrat il on aad inarthj Cum ' : ;i. Comp ny have procnrcd an enaine, and will cora- n'. Trad No. Tract No. Ii"ilii, 'ii. Nli i;. R 21sT. Ik Adiaisaioa, 30 litl. Wi Will fay "tnet atMi'..

We re9;.. Kiiiiilti w. We mve tka MMkMttmit o; Mi li. M LutW, Bookpor lad. FetU'iadli ft Oo. VcuaUfeT'rajAiort, Kr. Kew Albaar. UI d Ohlarrirnda. Appy totKANK r. I vcil-. A lib r.

I Caiuiiiili, ol Mi'sj-iua, appears to have dis- I covered a vali. A lady, a puti. At lengtli Dr. Landscati: c;audkmnu. Bought Early!

Low Figures! Genuine Goods! Baal Names! NE-liAT Iw. JO Lnvrciifo. Naoaiktaa, A SIX a-. New y. Jiiiv Mills.. Z Anrura A uilraaooKKiii.. Maamkwm, O Newmffkut, C I'mrl Itivcr l-. Vnio-kc a z Yo-k i;o. JEANS lii'liaii orch ard,. M- Ci. N'auiuk- iiif Wai' rinet-m. N -li,:. SiH Maiicheater. T-eiiH t,:. Ilicg at low prf'?. Dissolution of Copartnership. IBTBD adarialatiator af. WBIfaaa Barickavtt. The TmcMfe LegMatare. GeiaJleairegard in hefiallroad Business. C ete fc f ailon of MexicaB lade- pendenee.

New Orlkaks, Oct. There i. I'roniiiient Trxaiis arriving here nays fears nre cntc rtained tJiat iovernor Hainil- lo. Govern- or li. Alexandria, L I. Great ; ci '-i'. In the Shreveiiort Hcc. CattarpUlBlB bavB done much damage. A It ller fr iii tJen. Matrrudcr dated last August from the City of Mexico says that he would remain there till Lecember.

Price, Wileox, Stevens, Leadbelter, ex-Gov. Iiulgw Perkinu, ex-tiov. Maximilian refused posiliv- y dmnK anything for the ex Confederatt s more than other emigrants, but favor ' i c-inigratiDn BUd would soon issue a favora- I lie defi e on the subject. Tlie ln elli;4"ii -v'r coniplains bitterly at theconducl of the freedmeu. Wheat lirni. Corn steady at 2! I'ork scarce and auvancc d. Siimr tiriu an i upward. Rice linn. Sugar lirni. Coflec quiet and steady. Tea firiu. Kice quiet. Petroleum quiet at SsM.

Licet pool, Oct. At Dublin yesterday. O'Brennan, o! That autih ooniieaslon will probably t e granted to the Ocean Telegraph Com- pai'V, and that as 80c,n as olitained the 'i. Johu li. Hall oeltTeied an addren. At the races to-day the stake of jTfK was w on by Cameo ; the horse C.

Armstrng won the purse lor th - two mile lieata, beating Leat! Time slow; heavy track. Large sums of money chanj:ed hands, iiy LealherlungS being tlw lavorite before etarting. Champ Ferguson will bo executed Bbout noon to-morrow, llis wife and daughter arrivt'd here last uight and were with him all day.

He is upparenily resigned to his fate, and has no hui e of pardon. The river has liAeen inohes on the shoals. He was respited by Goy. Ilui:h Denny has been arrested, charged wiJb being concerned in the murder of a l ot ter in White's Dental BstBhluriinsent a ti'w days Binoe. He was Identified by a h tr iv. White's l roperty. Nkw York, October The family was in the lower part of the iKHise at the time.

Episcopal ConTentisB. The Committee on Can in:-; reported an amendatory canon einp-iw i ing tiie Moard ot Missions to elect i. The ini! Uesolved, That this does not concur in inenio. Philadrlphta, October The I 11 wing rcsolnlion was reported on the i',..

Tiiird, A jiro. KpLscopal ordinaiion, and rejiort to this Convention, 'ibis resolutimi was referred lo the Committee on Canons. The Church will grow if you will only iet her grow. I'liANKi i. The parly has bren augmented by dele- t5! The pres-s ia very largely represented. Much of the tour has heeii done on horsc- bii. Government under the impres. Michigan Troops— lieiustated. Ootol er Major General 8. The city was spoi. The details of the celebration From New Orleans. New Orleans papers report that the coin- meree ol that n is now entirely freed from iidiitary restriction.

The True Delta says tha colored sentries have been relieved by white troope. New York, Octol er Joskph, Mo. Cuiiiaierrlt 1 blatters lu Xew York. Ni:w Y' i;:. The money market continues stringent, with- out reliable symptoms of imni diate ease.

Old Southern n3. The biuikB show a disposition to convert the second and third series of Seven-Thlr- ti-s into monev, especially the banhs of the West. The deuiand lor money is noi, j. There may be trouble, liorrow- ors are unusually anxioas,whi sh inisrooses the caution, and lenders' gSMtnl IBlB on call, is 7 per cein'. Oermania 24, Kxcelsior 7t.

Tack 31, Web- ster ItX. First National Sounthard 70, United States inio. The petroleum market is steady, but with a quiet decline; sales of barrels crude at 3 i and 2. Iho activity lu the dry goods market con- tinues.

The following are the quotationa: Standard Brown Sheeting 37; Bleached. Dry goods are ste;ulv. The carpei ti ado is ina"0'Mid und healthy condition in the c.

Wheeler, the prominent Irish-American journalist, mado his appcararwo, having jus returned from a t ;iir in Irelanil, during which ho was connti'ted with the Irish Fenians, and inforuc'd himself of their plana. The i'ccounts of the various States are paasing thr! It i- , theref ire.

Nkw Yob c. Baeoa la kelfl il Ml New V.. UiaaB BaoU. Polhird, of St. Bhalljierk mmi W. Wilson, of Bakersfieid, and W. New Yonic, Oct. Dowiiin r, of tho army of tlie Fotoinae, are in alti ndauce at the Fenian Congre-s. Butler— Pardons. Oeu' ral Rutler bnd an Interview with the I're. The President to-dav pardoned several? Appllratlua tot- Pardun. Kinnettan Ac. M , M-ll at publi i-uctii u. Stato ol Kentnrky, a crwat ,f i.

M lunch a-i luay Ix- iiivi, H,iry toxittisfy thedi cm her iu ot til- pr r-rry in pie ;. Fotaytli, by deed dated y. The parchoaar will be rrqatred to Kirn bond, with ap- proTed amarity, bearing intereat from lale until paid, aadailM vBl be letalued ad ad. In the a ter- noou a bail look pluc;. Several Americans attended Uie ball and drank to tlie Bepubl ic.

President Johnson and Scretiiries Stan- t. Urant aud M. Vdmiral Farragut, b ive promised to I? The inauguration will be brilliant, nnd the Fair, which lasts two weeks, promises to be a great raeeesa. New York, Oct. The ink mannfoetured by Dr. Fells at this place, is Umt working itself into pub- lic fovor. Wherever it is tried, it is pro- ntmnoed the best made in this ocnntry, and equal to Arnold's celebrated inks.

The Dr. Manufactn -. I aad keep cor.. Aiao iHwra, Kii!..!. B3Bix xacix. Ni;w Y. Ociu ral llanMallMliaaid that iu addition to lhase pn-sent, he had heard from twenty- nioe other corporators, all declining to at- tend; among: whom was W.

Under the circumslanet- s it was iuipoiitio: yet he moved to adjourn over, and wait f. This was pupported by Chief. After further discussion, Mr. Butler, Smith, Ifr. Oiark, Admiral Davis, Gen. BariMs, Gen. Meade nnd Gen. On mo. Butler, it was agreed tlii uifviiiig.

On tha 17th of August the allied forces, 6, stroog, uikU r Geijs. A snm:! For an hour and a half tbe Paraguayans met the firece ttasauits of tbe allies with a detrperate resistauce, nei- ther asking or rccivir.

At tiic end of Ih-. S 'ariv ly cne oi llie defeaied ariny e? As a set off against thes engagement is reported between the Para gnayau batteries and the Brazilian fleet, HI whirh the latter was severely handled. In rnnninfr past these batteries, the fleet huflen i much damage. Further batties of an equally im- :Kjrtaut character were daily expected. The Times' Washington. WL New Uampfahire infantry Las been ordered to be mustered cut. General Grant has issued anothci order assigning regular troops to garrison duty in various parts of the Union.

Sli,cum, Mont- gomery Biuir, aud John Van lliiren. Nkw Oblbaks, October The Guid- ing Star, ouiward txjund, was fast aground on a Imr. Mataoooras dates to ti. Six thoossnd troops were ex] route to the Rio Grande frontier. Ita cbiet bandits appear much fiisssrisisd with each oiln-r. Seveti regiment'' of Northern negro troops were mustered out and disbanded ai. The freed- mcn are given to und.

There was great business activity in Oal- vest'in H ndHaaslOB, and great ao m pl atn te throughout the fltato of the ladt vi mall facilities. Large numbers!

Ilamillon lias l. Ja Ksox, Miss. Humphrey s will be inaugurated to-duy. Nkw York, Oclober is. At last advices the bitter wns represent' d by the Mexic.

AH the grounds occupi- d by Juarez's forces is in OjacH and iu the mountains pnss. Mexico, and the only C. The Company was insured by. An agent of this house ai- rived to-day to adjust the loss. Theamount lost by the owners of freight is not yi i knov.

Cincinnati, C ctober The moulding esial li-h:i. The Aiuerican Chrisiiau MisKioaarv So iety met in this city yesterday, li i 1 irgely attended by members aiid oti "is l'ri iu all parts ol ihi' I'r. The Synod of Cincinnati Presbyterian will! Nkw YoKi;. K — The steauishij Scolia, from Livei'pool the 7th, via Queeus- towntbafthfhaa arrived. Her datea are tv. Lords Wiiamdiflfot Peacock and Akroyd deny that tlM y ever had any interest in it.

Lindsay owns up to a small investment, but his lot's was only a tenth part of that named, lb. Fenianism is still the engrossing topic in tlie Irish rroviixcs. Ariesis coniitiiietl, among the lavi pr-'jr -lo.

A strict sarviellatice is kept on vessels f om America. Eight additional Fenians had been ex- amined in Dublin aud oomnii'. The Ai ierican corres ondeut of the Times says Sir 1'. Sewacd Cor au explan. Why not call her the Wliite U' se? That is a dedded improvement m " '"he J T.

Sbs Staxts at 5 0 cioi k from Portland. She htarls at noon, making connections with the morninir trains at Ciucinna i. Captain Walter Scott rtceived a dispatch from Captain Vandegritt, l. She wi"!! The cr ew and i.

D- llinde, from Altakapas; the Montgomery atui. Irom I jiper Coa-t; th' Lady biy, irnm. Til" i! That i. SLe conli. Louis, where she will repair. Site had no ireight. Tbe Emma Floyd, and lilnnie Drown were ut St. Louia Wednesday loading for the Ohio river. Sobbokokb d; Soks, m Cor. Main and Fourth sts.

J Ca;a. Iians f. Mit li. Markna; 90 bdto mer. Tbvudat, OcUber BdhII, ciDctnaaU. U -itlju, " Jtomt-o, Klaiiinua. Audio White, it. Uo iB,Jlev Allwby. Nick LoBKWortb. OlsriasatI, J.

Blackford, Cla. AQuit Whtle, " Somen, Madison. Ucnry buan. CincUinati, The River was still at a stand ye. Durini; tbe past forty-eight hours it has not raised an inch at tlie liead of the falls. The weal h - er was cloudy in the morning, and until tiu eclipse of the sun parsed ofi', and tlie cloud.

From passengers from riitsbury by rail we learn that continuous rains have fallen iu that region, aud a s eedy resumjition of 'lavipatio!! Our dispatc! At Cincinnati the river was alxiut id a. Bfand, but a rise may be expected by to- day, as the Kanawha was risinpr, with live tvi-i wali-r in the ciinnnel. Alont; the Lower Ohio the sand bars are more prominent than at any jiic vious time this season, with only about four feet wat.

Sh ' h id :t small lot of Cotti. The gay Falealiue came iu yesterday flrom Cairo and MMBphia, and returned to the latter point last evening, with a splen- did trip. The M. Tatrlok, from Memphis, had not arrived at dark lasteveniug.

She will have disnsteh for a return trip. Hoyle, Capt. Downs, is advertised for New Orleans this eyening. Montcalm A: Co. Woodward, aunounciug that the steamer R.

Wood- ward was on her way up from I'aduoah. She is due Sunday, and returns to Kastporf, Tenuessi-e river, ou Wcmc'-day next. The u'j xt steamers. IiSmpton, falls i! V run: -Ii i-tii t oil'-r imu. J Pi:irt'-;4 mil ii. JCTBnrk- 1-s. I 1- iKnii-. Moure ti acu; i. Wotokw AnoilC thi' ill '. It was put ci iu barreli.

Cuttou wan uin liai. Wheat was 2 3c lower; corn l 2c lower, aud oats dull. Mess pork declined tl per bbl in the morniuK, but was sightly firmer in tbe evening at SUM.

The foUowing are Ih. Tin ;. In udditio. WeffWtaaa foW a — ' Bmwtmiu. H y BankH.. Marine B. Betail aad jobMas aatea are at au ndvauce un tbes.

Havbarg 2i -. Flaxset-rl buying st J2 r. ND Ii01'l. W1 at uu. Tmiat :. I at 14c aud No. I cuatile 22 2ic per puuud. Wheat ranges bam tl. Kav oc rii 1 1 oui wagons. Macon, Da, sh-. JliOt'lClJlKsi-iiuiut, thoii'-'h firm, with li. A hale of t lih. J snj;ar at ' ic for I u'ja, aud I7,'v; for l orlo I'. Tluirad ly. Drinks afer. Regnlw Hail Lme Padtets. V inectln r :it Cincinr.

MAN, ni-uitcr ii FLLLi;:;, -. Iv-ter will kiare fur the same port at4 o'ciark I". K will leaw every Toaaday. Wr l- iiu. Mia; , iiday and hatorday at 3 P. Z:3i I'. A eoniM. C 1'. The cars and Riachlnery destrey. K:;ain in H. Wllil K. L,AlUS a. Halt ni. Cairo, Evanmiil-. Jackionviile, jnincv an l po ntj IU Luutral ill-'.

P;iiuts We-i aid orthwmt, aui for Uindunat all has'e. Ii citi. Chirazo and Cin- ciuiiati. Ba ,-uaEe cheel:. J 0:aN O. N AUTS. MalB Street, bet. Buauum mis I Best nttsbui asbr tt aas r i o sa. Ai al.. Mii al Aiiiw. Ill -. It's L'. B1 -imI and L'lice. Ktty, I' luo 2! Hik, ::'m.. Brown ou :'iHki. M'iiaea ikf treaMtMa, Jiva I lIro. Motlnrn, 1 2iiio..

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